§14-1103. Area Regulations. [205]

(a) District Area and Boundaries. The minimum Institutional Development District area shall be three acres of contiguous property. Boundaries shall be so designated to afford a reasonable line of division between the district and adjacent uses consistent to carry out the purposes and scope of this Title as required in Section 14-101(2). The Development Plan should also be so designed to provide for reasonable, compatible spatial relationships between buildings which are situated on the periphery of the district and abutting non-Institutional Development District areas.

(b) Gross Floor Area. The gross floor area of all buildings shall not exceed 400% of the total area of the Institutional Development District, exclusive of streets, subject to the provisions of Section 14-1109 of this Chapter.

(c) Occupied Area. Not more than 70% of the Institutional Development District area, exclusive of streets, shall be occupied by buildings.

(d) Yards, No front, side, or rear yards shall be required in this district.