§9-501. Boilers, Engines, and Refrigeration Machinery. [405]

(1) Application.

(a) No person shall operate or maintain any steam or high temperature hot water boiler, steam engine, portable or stationary hoisting engine, or refrigeration machinery unless he has obtained a license from the Department of Licenses and Inspections.[406]

(b) This Section does not apply to:

(.1) boilers, engines or machinery in dwelling houses used exclusively for residential purposes;

(.2) boilers, engines, or machinery under the supervision of Federal authorities or used in connection with interstate commerce;

(.3) boilers carrying not more than 15 pounds pressure;

(.4) boilers carrying more than 15 pounds of pressure but not exceeding 30 hp. (1 boiler horsepower is equal to the evaporation of 34.5 lbs. of water per hour at 212° F.);[407]

(.5) refrigeration machinery with a capacity of not more than 25 tons, or which uses a refrigerant that is tasteless, odorless, non-inflammable, non-explosive and non-corrosive and which is equipped with an automatic shut-off device.

(2) Licenses.[408]

(a) Licenses shall be divided into the following five grades:

(.1) Grade A -- steam boiler, stationary and refrigeration engineer;

(.2) Grade A-1 -- steam boiler, stationary or refrigeration engineer employed exclusively by and for the School District of Philadelphia;

(.3) Grade B -- refrigeration engineer;

(.4) Grade C -- portable and stationary engineer;

(.5) Grade D -- fireman.

(b) No license shall be issued unless the applicant;[409]

(.1) is 18 years of age;[410]
(.2) for Grades A, B, C and D has had at least two (2) years experience as an assistant engineer or helper, and is recommended by two licensed engineers. Experience as a Grade A-1 engineer employed by the School District of Philadelphia does fulfill the requirements of this section;

(.3) if an applicant for the Grade A-1 license, has been recommended by the School District of Philadelphia Administrator of Management Services;

(.4) has passed the examination or investigation prescribed by regulation of the Department, to determine professional qualifications and good moral character;

(.5) pays an examination fee of twenty-five (25) dollars for Grades A, B, C and D and thereafter an annual license fee of twenty (20) dollars for Grades A, A-1, B, C and D.[411]

(c) All licenses shall be conditioned upon continued compliance by the licensee with the applicable provisions of this Chapter and Title 5.[412]

(d) Grade A-1 license shall be limited to employees of the School District of Philadelphia and shall expire immediately upon termination of employment from the School District.

(e) Sunset Provision. Three years from the date the ordinance adding this sunset provision became law, all provisions of this section relating to the Grade A-1 license shall be repealed, except for the provision of subsection 9-501(2)(b)(.2) relating to experience as a Grade A-1 engineer fulfilling the experience requirements for the Grade A, B, C and D licenses. On and after such date, no new Grade A-1 licenses shall be issued, and possession of a Grade A-1 license shall not satisfy the license requirement of this section.[413]

(3) Upon the installation of any such machinery, the builder or installer may agree in writing with the purchaser of the machinery to accept responsibility for the safe condition and maintenance of the machinery for a period not exceeding 60 days, provided a person licensed under this Section is placed in charge of the machinery.