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(S) indicates job class has specialties,
(B) indicates job class has bilingual specialties
Class Code Class Title Pay Range Union Code FLSA Code
5H12 Warden

N029 N 2E
7A26 Waste Collection District Supervisor

N019 N 2E
7B05 Water Conveyance Supervisor (S)

N019 H 2E
7B06 Water Conveyance Systems Assistant Superintendent (S)

N021 N 2E
7B07 Water Conveyance Systems Superintendent

N025 N 2E
7B03 Water Distribution Crew Chief

0014 M 2E
7B02 Water Distribution Repair Worker

0010 M 1N
3C08 Water Engineering Assistant Manager (S)

N029 N 2E
3C09 Water Engineering Manager

N031 N 2E
3C26 Water Engineering Planning and Research Manager

N028 N 2E
3B83 Water Engineering Projects Assistant Manager (S)

N026 N 2E
3C68 Water Engineering Projects Manager

N028 N 2E
7B08 Water Field Customer Service Assistant Manager

N019 N 2E
7B09 Water Field Customer Service Manager

N021 N 2E
7B15 Water Field Customer Service Representative

0013 M 1N
7B16 Water Field Customer Service Supervisor

0017 A 2E
1E26 Water Information Center Manager (S)

N026 N 2E
7B11 Water Main Equipment Mechanic

0011 M 1N
7J32 Water Maintenance Superintendent (S)

N021 N 2E
7J33 Water Maintenance Supervisor (S)

N018 N 2E
7J64 Water Meter Repair Supervisor

0018 A 2E
7J61 Water Meter Service Worker

0009 M 1N
2M79 Water Operations Administration Manager

N026 N 2E
7B01 Water Operations Repair Helper

0008 M 1N
3B59 Water Plant Assistant Manager

N024 N 2E
3C28 Water Plant Manager

N028 N 2E
7E49 Water Pollution Control Plant Operations Supervisor

N018 N 2E
9D31 Water Safety Instructor 1

0009 M 1N
9D32 Water Safety Instructor 2

0011 M 1N
3G34 Water Sampling Technician

0009 M 1N
3B47 Water Transport Engineer 1

N023 H 2E
3B48 Water Transport Engineer 2

N025 N 2E
7E61 Water Transport System Operator

0019 M 1N
7E46 Water Treatment Plant Operations Crew Chief

0016 M 2E
7E45 Water Treatment Plant Operator

0012 M 1N
9E16 Water Works Interpretive Center Director

EP23 J 2P
7B51 Waterways Restoration Crew Chief 2

N014 N 2E
1E15 Web Developer

EP22-(3-5) J 2A
1E18 Web Development Supervisor

N023 H 2E
1E17 Web Editor

EP19 J 2A
1E16 Web User Interface Designer

EP19 J 2A
7J40 Welder

0015 M 1N
7D31 Window Washer

0009 M 1N
1A41 Word Processing Specialist 1

0006 M 1N
1A42 Word Processing Specialist 2

0008 M 1N
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