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(S) indicates job class has specialties,
(B) indicates job class has bilingual specialties
Class Code Class Title Pay Range Union Code FLSA Code
2C43 Health and Human Services Assistant Fiscal Administrator

N023 N 2E
2C41 Health and Human Services Program Budget Supervisor

N021 H 2E
4B01 Health Care Aide (B)

0006 M 1N
4C19 Health Care Coordinator

N025 N 2P
4C60 Health Centers Nursing Director

N028 N 2E
5G11 Health Education and Training Specialist 1

EP13 J 2A
5G12 Health Education and Training Specialist 2 (B)

EP19 J 2A
5G26 Health Education Program Supervisor

N021 H 2E
5F26 Health Program Administrator (S)

N026 N 2E
5F73 Health Program Analysis Supervisor (S)

N022 H 2E
2C04 Health Program Budget Analyst

EP19 J 2A
5F71 Health Program Management Analyst

EP21 J 2A
5F27 Health Program Manager (S)

N024 N 2E
5E12 Health Program Outreach Worker 2

0017 M 1N
5F20 Health Services Administrator 1 (B)

N019-(2-5) N 2E
5F21 Health Services Administrator 2 (B)

N024 N 2E
5F22 Health Services Administrator 3 (B)

N027 N 2E
5F23 Health Services Administrator 4 (S)

N029 N 2E
5F60 Health Services Analysis Director

N027 N 2E
2N52 Health Services Program Director (S)

N028 N 2E
5A63 Health Services Social Work Supervisor (S)

N021 H 2E
5A61 Health Services Social Worker 1 (S)

EP12 J 2P
5A62 Health Services Social Worker 2 (S)

EP18 J 2P
5A54 Health/Human Services Executive Assistant (S)

N023 N 2A
7F03 Heavy Duty Vehicle Maintenance Technician

0019 M 1N
7C38 Heavy Duty Wrecker Operator

0014 M 1N
7C13 Heavy Equipment Operator 1 (S)

0014 M 1N
7C14 Heavy Equipment Operator 2 (S)

0016 M 1N
3A41 Highway Construction Inspector 1

0013 M 1N
3B03 Highway District Engineer

N023 N 2E
7A13 Highway District Support Worker

0011 M 2E
7A49 Highway Operations Assistant Manager

N018 N 2E
7A50 Highway Operations Manager

N020 N 2E
2H15 Hiring Services Assistant 2

0013 A 1N
2H24 Hiring Services Manager

N025 N 2E
2H16 Hiring Services Support Supervisor

N014 N 2A
3E10 Historic Preservation Planner 1

EP19 J 2P
3E11 Historic Preservation Planner 2

EP21 J 2P
3E12 Historic Preservation Planner 3

N023 H 2P
2G11 Historic Preservation Specialist

EP20 J 2P
7A71 Hostler

0008 M 1N
7A72 Hostler Group Leader

0011 A 2E
6G05 Housing and Fire Inspection Supervisor

0019 M 2E
6G03 Housing and Fire Inspector 1 (B)

0013 M 1N
6G04 Housing and Fire Inspector 2 (B)

0015 M 1N
5C34 Human Relations Deputy Director - Community Relations

N025 N 2E
5C35 Human Relations Deputy Director - Compliance

N025 N 2E
5C30 Human Relations Intake Coordinator (B)

EP10 J 2A
5C31 Human Relations Representative 1 (B)

EP13 J 2A
5C32 Human Relations Representative 2 (B)

EP19 J 2A
5C33 Human Relations Supervisor (S)

N023 H 2E
1E57 Human Resources Information Systems Manager

N025 N 2E
2H90 Human Resources Professional

CP10-19-A N 2A
2H67 Human Resources Program Specialist (S)

N024 N 2A
2H03 Human Resources Technical Specialist (S)

N023 N 2E
5A09 Human Services Program Administrator (S)

N024 N 2E
5A43 Human Services Program Director (S)

N027 N 2E
5A53 Human Services Staff Services Director (S)

N027-(3-5) N 2E
7J01 HVAC Mechanic 1

0013 M 1N
7J02 HVAC Mechanic 2

0017 M 1N
7J03 HVAC Mechanic Group Leader (S)

0019 M 2E
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