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7H. - Building Maintenance and Trades

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(S) indicates job class has specialties,
(B) indicates job class has bilingual specialties
Class Code Class Title Pay Range Union Code FLSA Code
7H01 Trades Helper (S)

0008 M 1N
7H02 Utility Maintenance Apprentice 1

0007 M 1N
7H04 Maintenance Mechanic (S)

0010 M 1N
7H05 Building Maintenance Mechanic

0014 M 1N
7H06 Building Maintenance Group Leader

0019 A 2E
7H08 Locksmith

0013 M 1N
7H11 Carpenter 1

0013 M 1N
7H12 Carpenter 2

0014 M 1N
7H13 Carpentry Group Leader 1

0017 M 2E
7H22 Plumbing and Heating Maintenance Worker

0015 M 1N
7H28 Plumbing and Heating Maintenance Group Leader

0019 M 2E
7H31 Cement Finisher

0013 M 1N
7H35 Brick Mason

0013 M 1N
7H37 Stone Mason

0013 M 1N
7H39 Masonry Group Leader

0018 M 2E
7H41 Plasterer

0013 M 1N
7H43 Painter 1

0013 M 1N
7H44 Painter 2

0014 M 1N
7H45 Painting Group Leader (S)

0017 A 2E
7H51 Roofer

0014 M 1N
7H53 Roofing Group Leader

0018 M 2E
7H61 Building Maintenance Supervisor

N016 N 2E
7H62 Building Maintenance Superintendent 1

N018 N 2E
7H63 Building Maintenance Superintendent 2

N020 N 2E
7H67 Building Services Manager

N021 N 2E
7H72 Building Services Administrator

N024 N 2E
7H73 Facilities Management Director

N028 N 2E
7H75 Airport Pavement and Grounds Group Leader

0018 A 2E
7H80 Recreation Maintenance Director

N027 N 2E
7H82 Prison Maintenance Services Director

N023 N 2E
7H87 Park Facilities Maintenance Manager

N024 N 2E
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