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4A. - Health Technical and Medical Related

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(S) indicates job class has specialties,
(B) indicates job class has bilingual specialties
Class Code Class Title Pay Range Union Code FLSA Code
4A04 Maternal and Infant Health Community Development Representative

EP18 J 2A
4A08 Disease Surveillance Investigator (B)

EP14 J 2A
4A09 Disease Surveillance Investigator 2 (B)

EP17-(3-5) J 2A
4A10 Disease Surveillance Program Supervisor

N020 H 2E
4A12 Psychologist

EP22 J 2P
4A13 Prison Psychologist Supervisor

N024 H 2P
4A26 Mammographer

0018 M 1N
4A27 Radiographer

0015 M 1N
4A28 Radiographer Supervisor

0020 A 2E
4A29 Radiology Services Administrator

N022 H 2E
4A31 Pharmacist (B)

EP27 J 2P
4A35 Pharmacy Manager

N029 H 2E
4A36 Pharmaceutical Services Director

N031 N 2P
4A41 Forensic Technician 1

0012 M 1N
4A42 Forensic Technician 2

0014 M 1N
4A43 Forensic Technician Supervisor

0017 A 2E
4A44 Forensic Investigator 1

0015 M 1N
4A45 Forensic Investigator 2

0018 M 1N
4A46 Forensic Investigation Supervisor

0021 A 2E
4A47 Forensic Services Manager

N020 N 2E
4A48 Forensic Services Director

N024 N 2E
4A54 Physician Assistant (B)

EP27 J 2P
4A57 AIDS Infection Control Practitioner

EP20-(3-5) J 2P
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