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2H. - Personnel

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(S) indicates job class has specialties,
(B) indicates job class has bilingual specialties
Class Code Class Title Pay Range Union Code FLSA Code
2H03 Human Resources Technical Specialist (S)

N023 N 2E
2H07 Training and Development Specialist

N021 N 2A
2H08 Training and Development Division Director

N025 N 2E
2H11 Departmental Human Resources Manager 1

N021 N 2E
2H12 Departmental Human Resources Manager 2

N023 N 2E
2H13 Departmental Human Resources Manager 3

N025 N 2E
2H15 Hiring Services Assistant 2

0013 A 1N
2H16 Hiring Services Support Supervisor

N014 N 2A
2H24 Hiring Services Manager

N025 N 2E
2H26 Occupational Safety Technician

0019 M 2A
2H27 Safety and Risk Administrator

N017 N 2A
2H28 Safety Manager

N024 N 2E
2H31 Instructor (S)

0016 M 1N
2H32 Training and Development Officer

EP21 J 2A
2H33 Training and Development Manager

N023 H 2E
2H39 Pension Counselor Trainee

0012 M 1N
2H40 Pension Counselor 1

0016 M 1N
2H41 Pension Counselor 2

0020 M 2A
2H42 Pension Counseling Supervisor

N019 N 2E
2H43 Pension Program Administrator

N023 N 2E
2H45 Pension Counselor 3

0021 M 2A
2H50 Benefits Administrator

N023 N 2E
2H51 Senior Benefits Analyst

N021 N 2A
2H58 Senior Departmental Human Resources Associate

N021 N 2A
2H61 Equal Employment Opportunity Officer

N024 N 2A
2H65 Senior Human Resources Analyst (S)

N021 N 2A
2H67 Human Resources Program Specialist (S)

N024 N 2A
2H68 Labor Relations Program Administrator

N025 N 2E
2H76 Streets Employee Relations and Development Director

N025 N 2E
2H77 Occupational Safety Administrator 1

N021 N 2A
2H78 Occupational Safety Administrator 2

N023 N 2A
2H81 Labor Relations Coordinator

N016 N 2A
2H90 Human Resources Professional

CP10-19-A N 2A
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