This is park management work at the full performance level planning, coordinating, and directing city-wide park functions and operations. Work is done in such areas as park administration, horticulture, arboriculture, grounds maintenance and restoration, urban forestry, environmental planning, sustainable practices, and park operations, and may include supervision of a specific function. Employees in this class manage contract compliance, the procurement of goods and services, weather related emergency response, park restoration and maintenance, resource development, park programs and special event execution and park signage development, as required by work assignment.  Establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with departmental and city officials, vendors, partner organizations, volunteer groups, and/or the general public are significant aspects of the work. Work is performed under the direction of an administrative superior.


ALLOCATING FACTORS: (The following conditions must be met for a position to be

allocated to this class.)


1.    Positions in this class must perform work at the full performance level planning, coordinating, and directing city-wide park functions and operations.

2.    Positions in this class must perform the work in the Department of Parks and Recreation.






Directs and facilitates specific city-wide park operations and functions. Gathers and analyzes information; organizes and prepares reports; prepares flow and organizational charts describing procedures and organization; analyzes findings and prepares recommendations to revise existing procedures; develops new procedures to increase efficiency and expedite work flow; monitors implementation of new operating procedures to determine their effectiveness and to insure that they are achieving desired results.

Oversees adherence to park rules and regulations; develops new procedures and regulations; takes steps to seek compliance; prepares written instructions on their implementation; updates park signage to reflect rules and regulations.

Works on city snow removal teams for street snow removal across the city.

Performs related work as required.




Conducts cost effectiveness studies comparing equipment and services; writes equipment and service specifications; purchases equipment; submits contract requests; opens equipment and service contracts out to bid; oversees contract compliance for projects on park grounds with city departments and outside vendors; grants permits for work on city grounds; responds to and acts on complaints from the city and department officials and the general public.

As emergency conditions warrant, responds, supervises, and manages emergency situations due to snow, flooding and tree concerns; determines status of park land and physical maintenance responsibility; conducts inspections for safety and quality control, schedules and manages equipment repairs.




Provides high-level administrative support to the division director; conducts research, prepares statistical reports, receives and responds to inquiries; responsible for personnel functions for the division and performs a variety of functions such as preparing correspondence, arranging conference calls, and scheduling meetings; manages staff use and maintenance of division assigned vehicles; responsible for ordering and keeping an inventory of materials and supplies; serves as a liaison between the division and supply vendors; prepares and monitors check requests and purchase orders; responsible for managing and maintaining webpage content; may be responsible for assisting staff with projects.




Assists in the restoration and maintenance of natural park areas; works with contractors and community members to implement and monitor natural lands restoration projects; performs various types of field work in park natural areas including field assessments of proposed restoration sites and monitoring completed restoration sites; uses Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to collect data in the field and inputs collected data into a Geographic Information System (GIS);  compiles, updates and maintains geographic databases on the GIS system; designs and produces geographic data as it relates to land management. 




Facilitates the development and implementation of sustainable practices throughout the department; analyzes department’s use of energy, water and land and its environmental and financial impact; implements sustainable practices program systems and initiatives; develops staff trainings to build capacity around sustainable practices; oversees projects in the field and provides technical expertise to departmental staff; develops and maintains a departmental recycling program; continues and expands energy conservation efforts and facilities building standards for sustainable operations and building systems; sets objectives for sustainable practices projects, tracks progress, and evaluates projects’ impact; develops and promotes more energy efficient departmental transportation fleet.

Collaborates with community groups and volunteers to develop and advance sustainability initiatives; attends community meetings and conducts capacity building workshops for volunteers; facilitates community planning and provides technical expertise for volunteer sustainability projects; coordinates and trains volunteers on methods and procedures to advance sustainable practices program; communicates department’s vision of sustainability to the public through engagement and education; represents the department in the City and with the public to promote sustainable practices; stays abreast of latest trends and best practices in sustainability practices.




Supervises projects and programs related to urban forest management, stormwater management and ecological restoration; facilitates ecologic improvements by emphasizing use of park appropriate  plant species; checks trees for disease; develops, plans and implements “green” stormwater practices on recreation sites; performs research and recommends tree choices and growing methods for stormwater management; provides close oversight of contractors implementing projects; troubleshoots problems.

Assists in developing plans and bid documents for stormwater management projects, erosion and sedimentation control plans and natural area restoration projects; completes permit applications and obtains permits as needed from the PA Department of Environmental Protection and the Water Department.




Develops strategies for long-term engagement, communication and resources to advance departmental objectives and tree canopy goals; implements proposals and strategies to generate monetary and in-kind support for TreePhilly campaign; meets with foundations, corporations and other groups to explain TreePhilly program objectives and needed support for continued operation; collaborates with volunteer groups and provides technical direction on best practices in community organizing to accomplish departmental goals; represents the department at meetings with community organizations, volunteer groups, other city departments and commissions.




Develops projects and programs to promote Philadelphia Parks and Recreation; meets with internal and external partners, clients and sponsors to determine marketing needs; researches, recruits and manages food and arts vendors for special events and festivals; drafts  media advisories and contacts local media to promote park activities and to generate interest in Parks and Recreation special events and programs; provides creative input and manages promotional content on  social media sites; oversees marketing and promotion seasonal staff, interns and volunteers.




Reviews proposed Parks and Recreation signage plans; collects and analyzes data and recommends modifications and/or alternative solutions to proposed plans; prepares drawings to illustrate concepts for informational and wayfinding signs; coordinates with city agencies and vendors to design and install informational and wayfinding signs, maps and banners; monitors the performance of consultants engaged in preparing reports, exhibits, feasibility studies, design documents, master plans, signage and materials; attends staff, community and legislative meetings to provide recommendations for planning programs and interpret Philadelphia Parks and Recreation policies; manages the park system-wide sign program; collaborates with Parks and Recreation boards and committees  to establish goals and implement the strategies of the department.




            Develops long range plans including park-wide master plans and individual park and recreation plans; focuses on physical planning elements self contained park planning projects; plans and implements capital projects such as new trail systems, stormwater management improvements and park infrastructure upgrades; participates in consultant selection for capital projects, reviews project plans and manages design development; participates in construction oversight, budget monitoring and construction invoicing; prepares applications for federal, state and private foundation grants; oversees compliance and prepares documentation for grant reimbursement.






·         the principles and practices of park administration.

·         park operations.

·         the principles and practices of horticulture.

·         the principles and practices of urban forestry

·         ecosystems and natural processes if required by assignment

·         city procurement functions.

·         best practices in community organizing, civic engagement and voluntarism if required by assignment

·         fundraising practices and techniques if required by assignment

·         the principles and practices  in preparing educational and marketing materials if required by assignment

·         equipment and contract specification writing if required by assignment

·         the principles and practices of urban planning as it relates to the environment if required by work assignment

·         functions and techniques of sustainable practices programs for the Sustainable Practices Assignment

·         water, land and energy consumption and related sustainable development techniques for the Sustainable Practices assignment

·         methods and practices of composting and recycling for the Sustainable Practices assignment

·         sustainable practices for facilities and building systems and/or large park systems and/or natural resource development for the Sustainable Practices assignment

·         uses and applications of personal computers and current software packages used for word processing, data base manipulation and preparation of spreadsheets.




·         administrative and operational analysis

·         fundraising and grant writing if required by work assignment

·         preparing and delivering public information to build awareness and capacity for sustainable practices for the Sustainable Practices assignment

·         project management for the Sustainable Practices assignment

·         training community volunteers and delivering workshops effectively to diverse audiences for the Sustainable Practices assignment

·         uses and applications of personal computers and current standard software packages used for word processing, data base manipulation and preparation of spreadsheets as required by job assignment.




·         analyze facts and exercise sound judgment.

·         manage city-wide park functions and operations.

·         propose and implement effective solutions to park problems.

·         present ideas effectively, both orally and in writing.

·         understand and follow oral and written instructions.

·         supervise.

·         conduct city procurement functions.

·         apply departmental rules and regulations to area of assignment

·         assess needs for volunteer services and capacity for the Sustainable Practices assignment

·         engage and manage community resources and local volunteer and civic organizations in sustainability initiatives for the Sustainable Practices assignment

·         research and pursue funding opportunities if required by work assignment

·         write contract and equipment specifications; explain contract deviations and enforce compliance with contract specifications and other requirements firmly and tactfully.

·         read and interpret plans, diagrams, blueprints, and maps.

·         establish and cultivate effective working relationships with departmental and city officials, stewardship and community groups, program partners, vendors, private land owners and the general public.

·         liaise with internal and external stakeholders and develop strategic partnerships in targeted areas


MINIMUM ACCEPTABLE TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE (The following statement represents the minimum training and experience standards which will be used to admit or reject applicants for tests. Applications submitted by candidates for this class will be reviewed based on training and experience requirements as approved on 10/15.)




Completion of a bachelor's degree program at an accredited college or university with major course work in park administration, horticulture, forestry or landscape architecture or field related to the assignment area.





Two years of experience in park management with responsibility for implementing programs or projects related to the assignments described above.




Any equivalent combination of education and experienced determined to be acceptable by the Office of Human Resources. 


NOTE: Selective Factor Certification may be utilized, as needed, to fill specific positions.  In accordance with Civil Service Regulation 11.032 - Selective Factor Certification – the appointing authority may request certification of eligible candidates with the required degree and/or experience to fill positions in this class. Certification to fill such position will be made from of the two highest-ranking eligible candidates on the eligible list who possess the specified degree and/or experience.




Ability to physically perform the duties and to work in the environmental conditions required of a position in this class.




Possession of a valid proper class motor vehicle operator's license as issued by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania prior to appointment and during tenure of employment if required by work assignment.


Class Established: Ad. Board - 9/83
Revision: CSC – 12/06; Ad. Board – 4/07

Spec Revision: CSC – 8/12; Ad. Board – 9/12

Latest Spec. Revision:

CSC – 9/15

Ad. Board – 10/15