This is technical work supervising a small unit engaged in diverse reprographic services that include offset and photographic printing and duplication. Services are provided for City departments or agencies on a routine or emergency basis. An employee in this class reviews requests for offset printing and duplicating, plans production schedules, performs the more complex pre‑production tasks, assigns and inspects the work of subordinate printing press operators and may assist in coordinating the work activities of other units within the Records Department as directed by an administrative superior. Assignments include maintaining the electronic forms catalog, operating camera equipment and making minor repairs on printing and duplicating equipment. Contact with departmental or City client agency officials in order to determine priorities, dates for work completion, standards and methods of reproduction is a significant aspect of the work. Work is performed under the supervision of an administrative superior and involves physical exertion, contact with printing and cleaning solutions and exposure to a noisy environment.


ALLOCATING FACTORS: (The following conditions must be met for a position to be allocated to this class.)





Reviews requests for offset and photographic printing and duplicating, services; monitors the creation and revision of work products; monitors the progress of new work requests submitted in various formats; consults with departmental or agency officials to review routine emergency, and high volume work requests; reviews requests for photographic printing and duplicating services for public works, risk management or ceremonial events involving City Council or the Mayor; determines production requirements and sets dates for the completion of work requests; discusses quality, quantity and special features of work to be reproduced; determines whether work should be printed or duplicated; determines types of materials to use for reproduction; may calculate cost of reproduction and determine if cost is within budget and whether work should be contracted or reproduced in‑house; ensures conformance to strict deadlines and submits overtime requests for staff to complete work as required.

Performs pre‑production tasks; processes film negative on camera equipment for half‑tone and line copy registration; produces stats; strips material onto camera equipment; focuses lense and adjusts light and exposure time; enlarges and/or reduces material item; transfers negative onto paper or burns negative onto metal plate for reproduction.

Assigns and inspects the work of printing press operators and related staff engaged in reproducing documents; estimates time for subordinate staff to complete work and monitors performance; inspects work reproduced by subordinate staff for conformance to production specifications; makes changes and/or corrections where necessary; recommends and conducts professional development training for staff to remain current with printing and photography industry standards; performs research and prepares reports for long-term equipment planning; may conduct related research for other units within the Records Department as directed by an administrative superior.

Prepares reports and makes recommendations to ensure that the Records Department is informed of technological changes and industry best practices that impact reprographic work production; identifies materials and supplies needed to complete work requests; ensures that procurement requisitions are submitted and that production resources are used efficiently; monitors, documents and projects equipment usage and projected life cycle of printing, photography, copying and other reprographic equipment; studies product specifications and plans for new equipment, supplies and service contracts; makes recommendations for purchasing equipment as required.

Meets with vendors to assure that contract requirements and service agreements are carried out according to specifications.

Prepares a wide variety of production usage reports; prepares requisitions for supplies, unit annual budget, inventories, and equipment and maintenance reports.

Performs minor repairs on printing equipment; cleans water and color solution cylinders; checks and monitors component parts of printing equipment for malfunctions; cleans and files paper or metal plates for further use.

May print and duplicate on a variety of printing and duplicating machines and related equipment.

Performs related work as required.





                     the principles, practices and procedures of reprographics as they relate to printing, photocopying, photostats, blueprints, bindery and related work.

                     the operation of printing and duplicating machines and related equipment.

                     the maintenance of and minor repairs necessary to reprographic equipment.

                     pricing as relates to effective utilization of time, manpower and other resources available.

                     the various kinds of paper, ink and chemicals used in printing production.

                     new developments in the field of reprographics.

                     supervisory methods and techniques.

                     the various weights, grades and finishes of paper stock.

                     the uses and adaptabilities of photostatic equipment, photographic equipment and the operation of copying, collating and other office machines.

                     the hazards involved and safety precautions required in operating offset duplicating machines and related equipment.

                     the functions of City departments and agencies.

                     customer service principles.




                     the operation of printing and duplicating machines, cameras and related equipment.

                     designing and layout of art material.

                     making film negatives, paper or metal plates.

                     the production of half‑tone solid copy registration work and high quality prints.




                     schedule emergency printing services based on time, manpower and other resources available.

                     review source documents or production specifications and determine types of materials and methods suitable for reproduction.

                     calculate production costs.

                     operate a wide variety of printing and duplicating machines, cameras and related equipment and perform complex and highly technical printing work.

                     mix and match inks.

                     effectively utilize personnel assigned to the shop.

                     supervise employees operating printing and duplicating machines and related equipment.

                     study specifications and plans for new equipment, make comparative analysis and recommend purchases.

                     perform minor repairs on a wide variety of printing and duplicating machines and related equipment.

                     produce high quality prints.

                     communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

                     understand and follow oral and written instructions.

                     maintain production logs and records of work progress.

                     order and maintain materials and supplies based on present and anticipated work level.

                     establish and maintain effective working relationships with associates.


MINIMUM ACCEPTABLE TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE (The following statement represents the minimum training and experience standards which will be used to admit or reject applicants for tests. Applications submitted by candidates for this class will be reviewed based on training and experience requirements as approved on 11/92.)




Education equivalent to the completion of the twelfth school grade.





Three years of experience in the operation of offset printing and duplicating machines and related equipment.





Three years of experience in multicolor reproduction involving half‑tone, solid line copy and close registration work.


Or any equivalent combination of education and experience determined to be acceptable by the Office of Human Resources which has included the specific experience described above.


NOTE: Completion of a vocational or trade school training program in multi‑color reproduction may be substituted for one year of the specific experience.




Ability to physically perform the duties and to work in the environmental conditions required of a position in this class.


Class Established

CSC ‑ 9/61

Ad Board ‑ 10/61


Spec. Revision

CSC ‑ 4/13

Ad Board ‑ 5/13