This is fleet management quality assurance and review work, at the administrative level directing the Office of Fleet Managementís Quality Assurance Bureau. The position is responsible for quality assurance, vehicle and equipment specification development, procurement of vehicles, warranty administration, vehicle equipment requirements, and regulatory compliance.

An incumbent in this class represents Office of Fleet Management with vendors and vehicle and equipment repair manufacturers to resolve performance problems and other contractual issues with the quality of goods or services received. The employee in this class may travel to manufacturer locations to perform pilot inspections of vehicles and equipment before delivery. The incumbent is responsible for securing all titles and registrations of all City owned vehicles and equipment after delivery and during the life of the vehicles and equipment. The employee in this class directs site inspections of OFM maintenance facilities for compliance with all maintenance and regulatory standards in addition to auditing the operations and procedures of the Office of Fleet Management maintenance facilities. The employee in this class creates the purchasing and payment schedule of vehicles and equipment in coordination with the Fleet Manager and Deputy Fleet Manager.

Work is performed under the direction of the Deputy Fleet Manager.


ALLOCATING FACTORS (The following conditions must be met in order for a position to be allocated to this class):





Directs the review and evaluation of vehicle maintenance and repair operational systems and processes for conformance with agency performance and safety standards, and federal, state, and local regulatory mandates and standards; schedules unannounced audits of agency shops; assigns subordinates to conduct audits of shop operations; directs the review of productivity levels, quality of repair work, shop safety compliance, inventory management practices, and adherence to relevant regulations and standards; directs and/or performs the preparation of review reports notating audit findings and making recommendations on possible improvements to the Assistant Fleet Manager for Operations and/or Deputy Fleet Manager;; directs supervisors, at shop sites, to make immediate corrections to shop operations when necessary; recommends disciplinary and appropriate action for gross violations of rules, regulations, and standards.

Directs, through subordinates, the administration and monitoring of the agency's vehicle licensure, registration and title along with Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) permitting, Fuel Transport permitting in accordance to rules and regulations set forth by the Department of Motor Vehicle for the State of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (DOT) for the entire City Fleet.

Directs the administration of vehicle purchases for general, aviation, water, federal, forfeiture, and grant funds; receives requisitions for the purchase of vehicles and related equipment from all City agencies and departments; reviews requests for appropriateness, evaluating the equipment needs of the agency; may review reports of agency work production against existing vehicle equipment usage (equipment used, types of operations performed, tonnage capacity of vehicles, and actual tonnage carried per load) to determine actual equipment needs; confers with requesting agencies and may suggest alternate usage of existing equipment, upgrading existing equipment, or the purchase of other types of equipment; approves appropriate equipment requests and forwards requisitions to Procurement for processing; directs the tracking of equipment purchases through the procurement process; works and interacts with Procurement and Finance to expedite vehicle and related equipment purchases.

Directs the development of all vehicle and related and ancillary equipment specifications for the City; ensures specification development activities achieve desired objectives regarding rules, regulations and standards, and safety and reliability considerations; directs and/or performs assessment of chassis, power train, suspension, superstructure, lighting, safety devices, modifications, and accessories as part of the specification development process; travels to manufacturer sites to physically observe and inspect advancements and improvements in vehicle equipment technology; directs subordinates to conduct regular pilot inspections of equipment at vendor sites; ensures equipment inspections are conducted for all equipment upon delivery to verify installed components are in working order and conform to specifications.

Directs agency warranty administration activities; directs, through a subordinate, the review all work orders to ascertain recoverability under warranty agreements; directs the submission of monetary or service claims for chronic vehicle conditions or identified component defects; confers with vehicle equipment dealers to negotiate disputed warranty claims; ensures all manufacturers' recall notices are received and that vehicles are serviced on these occasions.

Researches advances and improvements in the automotive industry; evaluates new models of vehicles and related equipment components to ascertain viability to the City's fleet operation; assesses the capacity of new or improved equipment to increase and enhance operational productivity in a cost effective manner; travels to manufacturer sites to observe the operation of equipment and physically inspect the quality of its components; utilizes professional computer application programs, professional formulas, trade journals, and knowledge to determine whether equipment under review is beneficial for the City; recommends to superior, and to officials of other City departments, the acquisition of vehicles and equipment determined to enhance City operations; evaluates Fleet vehicles and determines the life cycle of vehicles and related equipment and components.

Directs, the monitoring of contracted providers to ensure services performed are satisfactory and conform with contract specifications; directs subordinates in the regular, on-site review of vendor agencies to evaluate and report on their performance; receives reports on vendor reviews and detailing finding and any problems identified; interacts with contracted agency representatives to resolve problems and disputes.

Performs related work as required.






         Quality assurance processes and procedures as they pertain to large automotive fleet maintenance operations.

         the types of automotive equipment used in municipal fleet operations

         automotive maintenance, repair and quality assurance techniques and practices

         management principles, practices and procedures used in maintaining and repairing a large municipal fleet of diversified automotive equipment.

         automotive and truck mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical systems.

         automotive and equipment accident appraisal techniques and procedures.

         welding and fabrication techniques and practices.

         economic factors as they apply to automotive and truck equipment, parts, maintenance and repair costs.

         supervisory methods and techniques.

         administrative procedures and record systems used to control fleet maintenance repair.

         large scale store keeping and stock control principles, practices and methods.

         computer programs used in the management, analysis and tracking of a comprehensive fleet maintenance and repair operation.

         contract monitoring principles, practices, and

         procurement procedures and policies.




         plan, direct and coordinate the city-wide automotive vehicle and equipment purchasing operation

         plan and direct a quality assurance program for a wide variety of municipal equipment.

         evaluate methods, procedures and techniques employed in technical fleet maintenance.

         understand, prepare and comprehend technical reports on fleet maintenance.

         prepare comprehensive analytical reports on shop operations.

         establish and maintain effective working relationships with key stakeholders, city officials and vendors.

         effectively incorporate computerized systems, equipment and programs into an fleet quality assurance operation.


MINIMUM ACCEPTABLE TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE† (The following statement represents the minimum training and experience standards which will be used to admit or reject applicants for tests. Applications submitted by candidates for this class will be reviewed based on training and experience requirements as approved on 11/13.)




Completion of an Associate's degree program at an accredited college or university with major course work in automotive technology.






Six years of experience in the automotive trade performing maintenance, repair, or inspection of automotive vehicles and related equipment, three of which must have been at the full performance level.






Two years of experience at the full performance level in technical fleet quality assurance work, monitoring and reviewing automotive maintenance and repair systems and operations for conformance to relevant standards, specifications development, rules and regulations.




One year of experience in the automotive trade at the full performance level equates for the educational requirement.


Or any equivalent combination of education and experience determined to be acceptable by the Office of Human Resources that has included the specific experience described above.



Ability to physically perform the duties and to work in the environmental conditions required of a position in this class.




Possession of a valid, proper class motor vehicle operator's license as issued by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania at the time of appointment and during tenure of employment.

Possession of a valid proper class official safety inspection and valid emissions control license as issued by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania at the time of appointment and during tenure of employment.

Possession of a valid Master ASE Certification in either Automotive or Truck and/or any other applicable certification(s) relating to a Public Health and Safety municipal fleet at the time of appointment and during tenure of employment.


Class Established

CSC: 9/13

Ad. Board: 11/13