(Construction Fire Plans)







This is code compliance work performing complex plan review activities in the area of specialization.  Providing advice to applicants, discussing deviations from plans and code requirements with architects, engineers, attorneys, developers, and construction contractors, and recommending methods to attain code compliance are significant aspects of the work.  Employees in this class review plans for larger size structures generally involving the more difficult and complex plans which necessitate code interpretation as one phase of the City's code enforcement program.  The employees provide code interpretations in the area of specialization to inspectors and inspection agencies and have controlling responsibility for making determination of code conformity.  Work is performed under the general supervision of a technical or administrative superior.


ALLOCATING FACTORS:   (The following conditions must be met for a position to be allocated to this class.)


·         Positions must perform reviews of complex plans, blueprints and permit applications for conformance to codes, ordinances and standards in the area of specialization.

·         The positions in this class must work in the Department of Licenses and Inspections.






Examines complex plans and blueprints for new construction or alteration of buildings for conformance to the codes, ordinances and standards; explains to contractors, builders, attorneys, developers, architects and design personnel necessary changes for code compliance; replies to requests for information pertinent to the codes and ordinances.

Conducts in-service training programs; participates in seminars conducted by the department to inform the building, zoning, electrical and plumbing industries of policies and procedures; provides code interpretations to inspectors and inspection agencies and has controlling responsibility for making determination of code conformity; determines and maintains records of code interpretation and changes; makes recommendations for code modification; presents testimony as expert witness in the appropriate field.

Reviews contractors' license applications for required education, experience and completeness; periodically checks to ensure that licenses required have been issued; files complaint with appropriate inspection districts if license has not been issued.

May perform field inspections of unusual or complex cases and prepares reports of findings and recommenda­tions.

            Calculates permit fee using established formula; notifies applicant and proper departmental unit of the fee; accepts fees in the form of checks or money orders and arranges for clerical processing of approved and disapproved applications.

Keys pertinent data into electronic database via desktop personal computer terminal; utilizes a desktop personal computer terminal for typing and routine data entry; prepares reports derived from electronic data.

May provide testimony to appeals boards; serves as liaison to industry organizations. 

Performs related work as required.




Examines plot plans and blueprints for water, drainage, venting, and hazards of cross connections; ascertains that the required drainage sizing from roof areas, sanitary fixtures, floor and area drains, interceptors and pumps are consistent with code requirements; checks for methods of sewage disposal, backflow prevention, ground areas in unsewered districts, distance relation between potable water supplies, curb traps, fresh air inlets and other aspects for compliance with the plumbing code; makes calculations for such requirements as grade, slope and sizes; prepares and issues permit approvals and related forms.

Explains and interprets a variety of codes and ordinances to contractors, engineers, property owners and other interested parties; makes recommendations and prepares sketches and diagrams for applicants to follow in order that they may adhere to the standards set by the applicable codes.

May provide testimony to appeals boards; serves as liaison to plumbing industry organizations.   




Examines electrical plans to check circuitry, locations and types of existing lighting systems; calculates square foot wattage of structure, examines panel circuit and feeder schedule diagrams and charts to calculate circuit loads, comparing data with demand factor requirements of the code; examines circuitry and electrical equipment indicated to determine whether materials used are in conformance with standards and code requirements; makes determinations of compliance in situations not specifically covered in codes on the basis of safety standards; marks code infractions on plans or blueprints; notifies contractors of missing items on application for permit; correlates changes made in electrical plans with architectural and mechanical plans; approves or disapproves applications for electrical permits; may perform inspections to determine if fires were of electrical origin.

Administers the Electrical Inspection Agency Audit Procedures; selects projects to be audited and prepares case history scheduled for litigation; testifies at hearings to present department position; serves as liaison to electrical industry organizations.  Receives and reviews literature concerning electrical code interpretations in other jurisdictions.




Examines plans and blueprints of fire protection systems submitted by fire suppression and electrical contractors, engineers and architects for conformance to the property maintenance and fire protection codes and related codes and ordinances incorporated into the fire code; makes determinations of compliance in situations not specifically covered in codes on the basis of fire and safety standards; notates code infractions discovered and licenses and permits required on plans and blueprints.

Provides testimony to appeals Boards and serves as Liaison to the Philadelphia Fire Protection Committee.

Reviews and approves electrical plans for proposed fire alarm installations; determines conformity with building and fire prevention codes and referenced standards; issues electrical permits for single line diagram fire alarm installations; reviews applications and issues building permits for commercial kitchen fire suppression systems.

Reviews applications and issues operations permits mandated by the fire protection code.




Examines complex zoning and use permit applications for conformance with the zoning code; reviews property’s history for previous conformance and/ or variances from the zoning and related codes; reviews applications disapproved by lower level examiners; provides technical advice to lower level examiners in gathering information and reviewing applications.

Interprets the zoning code when reviewing requests for zoning or use permits for the construction, alteration, or repair of structures in residential, commercial, industrial or special control district classifications; refers to blueprints and plot plans when calculating area measurements, and bonuses for additional set-back, open courtyards and other conditions as provided for in the zoning code and ordinances; reviews plans with  examiners in other specialties to obtain clarifications of references in the zoning codes and ordinances to their specialties; conducts detailed analyses of case histories on properties to determine if uses are authorized under specific exemptions of existing zoning laws or authorized under variances granted.

Applies algebraic or geometric calculations in computing area measurements; approves or recommends disapproval of applications for zoning or use permits; prepares reports indicating reasons for denials. 

Meets with the general public and their representatives to explain zoning code regulations, answer questions, and explain disapproved applications; attends training sessions.

Trains new Zoning Examiners in the use and application of the zoning code.








·         methods and techniques of plans examinations and reviews

·         codes, regulations, ordinances and standards in the area of specialization

·         personal computers and software required by job assignment

·         the principles of personal computer operations

·         interactive data entry and retrieval procedures




·         plumbing codes as they apply to the examination of plumbing plans

·         methods and practices involved in installing, repairing and maintaining a variety of plumbing installations, equipment and appliances

·         possible defects and faults in plumbing systems and appliances and of standard testing devices

·         codes and safety standards governing building construction,  property maintenance, zoning, industrial waste, fire prevention and environmental health




·         codes, regulations and related ordinances and standards governing electrical installations and appurtenanc­es

·         methods, materials, practices and principles used in the installation and maintenance of electrical equipment and appurtenances, including those involving hazardous situations

·         possible defects and faults in electrical wiring appurtenances

·         modern construction methods and procedures as applied to electrical phases of construction projects




·         fire code and related codes, ordinances and regulations incorporated into the fire code as they apply to the inspection of commercial, industrial and institutional establishments and large, multiple-occupancy dwellings

·         fire safety practices and equipment as they relate to commercial, industrial and institutional establishments,

·         property maintenance code and related regulations

·         basic industrial processes and practices with emphasis on the handling and storage of volatile and flammable materials




·         codes and regulations required by a public jurisdiction to govern land use within zoning requirements

·         algebra and plane geometry as they apply to determining linear and area measurement

·         departmental functions and organization as they relate to the application and enforcement of the various codes

·         Building, Fire Prevention, Plumbing, and Property Maintenance codes and related ordinances and processes as they relate to the examination of applications for zoning and use permits




·         recognizing deviations in plans from codes, ordinances and standards and recommending alternatives to meet compliance

·         the operation of a desktop personal computer terminal for data input; data retrieval and report writing




·         provide expert code interpretation and technical advice

·         read and interpret construction plans, wiring diagrams, blueprints and specifications

·         enforce codes and regulations firmly, tactfully and impartially

·         maintain manual and computerized records and prepare reports

·         establish and maintain effective working relationships with associates, contractors and the public

·         express ideas effectively, both orally and in writing

·         recognize improper or faulty electrical installations and other hazardous conditions and to recommend corrective action for the Electrical specialty

·         perform short circuit analyses and make other mathematical computations from electrical plans for the Electrical specialty

·         recognize improper or faulty plumbing installations and other hazardous conditions and to recommend corrective measures for the Plumbing specialty

·         make varied and complex mathematical computations, including algebra and plane geometry, with accuracy

·         learn the applications of the department’s designated software database

·         operate an interactive desktop personal computer terminal.


MINIMUM ACCEPTABLE TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE (The following statement represents the minimum training and experience standards which will be used to admit or reject applicants for tests.  Applications submitted by candidates for this class will be reviewed based on training and experience requirements as approved on 7/14.)






Education equivalent to completion of the twelfth school grade.







Six years of experience in the plumbing trade.





            Six years of experience in the electrical trade.






Four years of field inspection and/or fire code review experience.





Two years inspecting commercial, industrial, and institutional establishments for conformance with fire codes and ordinances, or one year examining plans and blueprints for the construction or alteration of commercial, industrial and institutional establishments for conformance with the fire codes, ordinances and regulations.






Four years of experience performing architectural, drafting, or surveying work and two years of experience reviewing zoning and use registration permit application.





Two years of full performance level zoning examination experience.




Any equivalent combination of education and experience determined to be acceptable by the Office of Human Resources that has included the Specific Experience and the required certifications.




Ability to physically perform the duties and to work in the environmental conditions required of a position in this class.






Within six months of appointment and during tenure of employment:    


Certification by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Department of Labor and Industry in accordance with the PA Uniform Construction Code in the following categories:


·         Plumbing Inspector

·         Plumbing Plans Examiner




Within six months of appointment and during tenure of employment:


Certification by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Department of Labor and Industry in accordance with the PA Uniform Construction Code, in the following categories:


·         Electrical Inspector

·         Electrical Plans Examiner




Within thirty days of the examination announcement closing date and during tenure of employment:


Certification by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Department of Labor and Industry, in accordance with the PA Uniform Construction Code, in the category of:


·         Fire Inspector


Class (6H23) Established - 4/74

Spec. Revision: 12/88; CSC - 02/04; Ad Board - 05/04

Change in pay rate: CSC - 10/04; Ad. Board - 01/05

Spec. Revision: CSC - 8/08; Ad Board - 9 /08

 Spec. Revision: CSC - 7/10; Ad Board - 9/10

Spec. Revision:  CSC – 6/11; Ad Board – 7/11

Spec. Revision:  CSC – 12/13; Ad Board – 12/13

Latest Spec. Revision: CSC – 6/14; 7/14

Consolidated with 6H90:

CSC – 10/15

Ad. Board – 10/15

Re-establishment of class:

CSC – 12/15

Ad. Board – 12/15