PAY RANGE: N28****






            This is health program management work directing all aspects of the City-wide AIDS Activities Coordinating Office.  The employee in this class directs, through subordinate managers, the development of program policy and service standards, the monitoring, analysis and evaluation of provider services, the provision of direct and contracted services to the public in the areas of counseling, education, referral and testing programs, and the conduct of epidemiological investigations and seroprevalence studies to identify and track the spread of human immunodeficiency virus.  The employee is also responsible for directing, through a subordinate supervisor, the strategic planning and grant funding efforts and policy implementation functions for the agency.  Contact with officials of public and private funding and state and federal monitoring agencies, representatives of contract service providers, professional and community groups, and departmental and other governmental administrators is a significant aspect of the work.  Work is performed under the general direction of a Deputy Health Commissioner.


ALLOCATING FACTORS:   (The following conditions must be met for a position to be allocated to this class.)


•           The employee must direct all aspects of the AIDS Activities Coordinating Office through subordinate managers.

•           The employee must be responsible for coordinating all provider HIV programs and services.

•           The position must be located in the Health Department.




            Directs, through subordinate managers the provision of HIV counseling, education, referral and testing services to clients; directs the dissemination of informational, promotional and educational materials and the delivery of presentations to increase community awareness of prevention and direct service programs; targets educational and promotional materials delivery to high-risk populations; coordinates counseling, education, referral and testing services with the Mayor's Office and other Health Department agencies such as the Coordinating Office of Drug and Alcohol Abuse Program, Office of Mental Health/Mental Retardation, Family Medical Services and Sexually Transmitted Diseases; integrates education and information plans and activities with other organizational units in order to achieve departmental objectives; implements new educational program procedures to improve overall program effectiveness.

            Directs through a subordinate manager the monitoring and assessment of the quality of contracted services such as HIV residential, case management, home health care, transportation services and drug treatment programs for clients; identifies operational and procedural areas for study; generates performance indicators of service and delivery; determines whether programs conform to established guidelines and state objectives; directs the review of provider agency budget proposals and amendments; coordinates the agency's budget process with the departmental budget office; negotiates contracts; authorizes payment for contracted services.

            Directs, through a subordinate manager, the development and implementation of epidemiological investigations to identify and track HIV positive individuals; directs the reporting and maintenance of HIV seroprevalence date statistics; analyzes statistical information for significance and trends; formulates strategies for new and existing programs.

            Directs, through a subordinate supervisor, HIV program planning, grant proposal preparation and policy development; directs research activities in pursuit of public and private grant funds; collaborates with other agencies to seek joint funding for programs; convenes participating agency administrators for collaborative grants and initiates discussions and negotiations for proposed programmatic activities and proportioning of grant funds; researches need for new programs and services; formulates strategies for implementing new programs; directs the preparation of operating and capital budget requests. 

            Serves in a liaison capacity with officials of federal agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control and Health Resources and Services Administration and other state and City departments; coordinates the services and activities of AACO with community, advocacy, social service, health care and criminal justice agencies; serves as a member of City-wide advisory councils, consortiums and tasks forces which impact on HIV programs and services; attends meetings to inform participants of AACO and Health Department goals and objectives related to HIV disease.

            Interprets reports and statistics released by AACO; directs the preparation of annual and summary repair; directs the coordination of information management needs across AACO divisions; directs the preparation of periodic reports for submission to federal, state, and City regulatory or funding sources.

            Performs related work as required.






•           the principles and practices of program planning, development and implementation

•           the principles of public health programs including disease control

•           the principles and practices of administration as they apply to the promotion and coordination of programs and services

•           the concepts and practices applied to the provision of services to persons with HIV infection and AIDS symptomatology

•           funding proposal planning, development and procedures

•           medical aspects of HIV and AIDS related syndrome

•           available resources, research methodology and current developments in the area of HIV

•           supervisory methods and techniques




•           plan, direct and implement the monitoring and assessing of the quality of contractor services

•           plan, direct and implement the development and delivery of HIV educational, informational and promotional materials and presentations

•           plan, direct and implement epidemiological investigations to identify and track HIV positive individuals

•           plan, direct and implement HIV program planning, grant proposal preparation and policy development

•           present ideas effectively, both orally and in writing

•           establish and maintain effective working relationships with subordinate supervisors, contracted agency directors, departmental managers and administrators, local, state and federal agency officials and community, advocacy and professional groups


MINIMUM ACCEPTABLE TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE (The following statement represents the minimum training and experience standards which will be used to admit or reject applicants for tests.  Applications submitted by candidates for this class will be reviewed based on training and experience requirements as approved on 5/16.)




            Completion of a master's degree program at an accredited college or university with major course work in public health, public administration, psychology, sociology, or social work.





            Two years of technical experience for a citywide HIV/AIDS program and HIV related program or other infectious disease program.





            Three years of administrative and supervisory experience at the N24 pay level or above directing a citywide HIV services program or other infectious disease program




            Directing the collection, classification, analysis, maintenance, and dissemination of statistics in the AIDS Activities Coordinating Office.




            Any equivalent combination of education and experience determined to be acceptable by the Office of Human Resources that has included a bachelor’s degree and the specific experience described above.




HIV Program Services Manager (5G27)

Data Analysis Administrator (3H87)

Health Program Manager (HIV Diseases) (5F27)

Health Program Administrator (AIDS only) (5F26)




            Ability to physically perform the duties and to work in the environmental conditions required of a position in this class.


                                                                                                                         Class Established:

CSC - 6/91

Ad. Board - 8/91


Spec. Revision:

                                                                                                                                        CSC - 1/93

                                                                                                                               Ad. Board - 4/93

Latest Spec. Revision:

CSC – 4/16

Ad. Board – 5/16