(Children and Youth Services)


(Juvenile Justice Services)

(Performance Management)

(Policy and Planning)

(Staff Development)




            This is managerial level social service work directing, through subordinate supervisors, a specialized program within the City's overall human services or correctional program. An employee in this class directs the operations and oversees budgets pertaining to a number of internal sections and/or external programs providing departmental specialized human services or correctional services.  The employees are directly responsible for successfully implementing all initiatives and ensuring outcomes are achieved. Work may include planning, reviewing, evaluating and coordinating short- and medium-term operations to meet program or social service goals and objectives; reviewing and assigning work to the appropriate sections or work units; overseeing/advising the most complex situations; resolving labor relations issues where possible before they move to a higher level; implements all policies and procedures and often joins colleagues in creating/recommending policies having department-wide impact; contracting for, monitoring and assessing services provided through subcontractors; making resource decisions designed to maximize efficiency and meet objectives in a mandated minimum of time; proactively reviewing work loads to maximize appropriate completion of objectives consistent with departmental standards; ensuring that operations managed are fully prepared for federal and state review and audit that enables funding and certification; and assessing overall training needs of staff members.  Extensive contact outside the Department involving negotiation and problem solving with groups such as the judiciary, representatives of public and private welfare agencies, probation, legal advocates, other city agencies and departments including the school district, representatives of professional and community groups as well as individuals, their families, and the general public.  Management of staff members and workforce planning is a major component of the work.  Employees in this class typically report to a director.


ALLOCATING FACTORS:     (The following conditions must be met for a position to be approved for this class.)


1.    Employees in this class must direct, through subordinate supervisors, a specialized program within the City's overall human services program of the Human Services Department or the Philadelphia Prison System.

2.    Multiple positions will be allocated to the Children and Youth and Juvenile Justice Services specialties.

3.    Two positions will be allocated to the Staff Development, Performance Management and Correctional specialties, and one position will be allocated to the Policy and Planning specialty.




Manages, monitors, reviews and analyzes short- and medium term operations and services provided for adherence to program goals and objectives utilizing performance outcome data and reports; provides direction on program objectives and measures of effectiveness; focuses staff attention on departmental and unit goals; recommends program changes to executive management.

Manages direct departmental budget for section; provides significant input for assessment of providers’ success in achieving agreed-to outcomes on which the providers’ payments are based.

Oversees the most complex cases or problems in section, often requiring decisions involving the safety and well-being of children, which typically involve other city or outside agencies; influences other entities to obtain favorable resolution; decides which problems require executive review and resolution.

Responsible for resolving labor relations concerns in order to minimize likelihood of incidents moving to higher step for resolution.

Creates plans to correct any procedures and/or individual conduct that do not result in appropriate outcomes or resolution; ensures non-routine procedures and outcomes are reported on a timely basis to appropriate departmental executives along with recommended means to correct or manage the situation.

Plans, reviews and evaluates operating policies, practices and procedures for section and initiates policy review for department; establishes work priorities based on program needs and objectives; implements changes to comply with federal and state requirements, departmental policies and procedures, and accepted social service principles and practices; provides technical and administrative direction; interprets rules, regulations and policies; meets with subordinate supervisors to discuss status of operations, problems and strategies for their resolution, and program needs; assumes direct control of and resolves emergency situations; prepares and submits periodic operational reports.

Creates policies and procedures, often as member of executive team, that often have department-wide impact and provides critical feedback on field impact of policies and procedures in order to enhance their effectiveness.

Reviews and evaluates organizational and staffing practices, procedures and patterns; plans and recommends changes to improve practices and procedures; recommends transfers, work assignments, classifications and other personnel problems; recommends need for disciplinary action; identifies staff training needs and ensures appropriate developmental activities are undertaken by staff; establishes procedure to meet training needs by availing staff of existing developmental programs or creating and overseeing developmental opportunities. 

Utilizes databases to analyze effectiveness of current processes and organizational components; recommends changes on the basis of these analyses; trains and assists staff in use of the data bases.

Attends a variety of meetings for the implementation and coordination of program objectives; confers with officials of community groups, public and private welfare agencies, charitable organizations and businesses; explains program function, goals and objectives; meets with appropriate federal, state and local officials; conducts staff conferences and meetings. 

            Performs related work as required.


Children and Youth Services


Plans, reviews, evaluates and manages through subordinate supervisors the activities of a section of social workers overseeing through contracted agencies a variety of counseling, referral, placement and/or adoptive functions; monitors, reviews and analyzes daily operations and services provided for adherence to program goals and objectives utilizing performance outcome data and reports (sections typically comprise five supervisors and 25 social workers); focuses staff attention on departmental and unit goals.

Oversee the provision of behavioral health services or social services through subordinate supervisors.

Proactively manages case assignments and case loads to achieve desired outcomes within prescribed timeframes consistent with regulatory and departmental policies and procedures; provides input for evaluating program's ability to provide service needs.

Reviews operational reports and evaluates quality of provider performance and their adherence to established standards; provides input for evaluating new providers regarding their appropriateness to meet service needs; participates in the preparation of annual overall social service plan; consults with superiors on service activities and program effectiveness.

May work in one of the major Prevention programs such as Delinquency Prevention, Community Family Support, Truancy Prevention, Parenting Education, and other services that are intended to reduce the likelihood that children will experience abuse or neglect or engage in illegal behavior, and require more intensive DHS services.

Identifies, creates and manages city-wide programs, usually with other City agencies or departments; uncovers, investigates and develops working relationships with non-DHS programs with which DHS can partner to provide services; develops program procedures, guidelines and policies.

Coordinates, in collaboration with other DHS units, an internal system to create linkages to community-based services for families the Department is seeking to divert from child protection or juvenile justice services, or for whom the Department is seeking to achieve permanency or prevent re-entry to child welfare services.

Directs the administration and monitoring of contracted agencies providing children and youth or prevention services; directs the development of information-gathering, case management and referral service procedures; develops and recommends appropriate budget submission procedures for grant awards; directs the monitoring of community-based programs and technical assistance to provider agencies.

            Directs the analysis and evaluation of children and youth or prevention services provided by contracted agencies; identifies agencies with administrative and service problems; develops appropriate policy guidelines and procedures for prevention services and/or agency studies or investigations; assigns and supervises investigation of isolated incidents related to prevention services; tracks program outcomes in order to evaluate program effectiveness.

Directs the development of cross-site program standards that involve system-wide goals, objectives, and performance measures consistent with DHS standards.

Supervises the review of project proposals to determine time frame, funding limitations, procedures for accomplishing projects, staffing requirements and the allotment of available resources to various project phases; ensures effective and efficient utilization of fiscal, staff and program resources.

Serves as a member of the Division Management Team responsible for discussing and considering broad policy and procedural issues affecting agency operations; makes recommendations on issues pertaining to prevention services for youth and their families.


Juvenile Justice Services


Plan, review, evaluate and manage through subordinate managers and supervisors the daily care and discipline of youth within the Youth Study Center; ensures that all residential requirements are met; provides guidance to staff on the most difficult cases; reviews reports on daily activities; participates in the preparation of overall plans for the Center; consults with superiors on program effectiveness and participates in monthly labor management meetings.

Direct a large detention counselor staff engaged in security, counseling, education and resident care activities to provide a safe and secure living environment in a detention facility for juveniles.

Direct the social service, medical service, mental health, substance abuse counseling, educational services and resident intake programs and maintenance of detention files and statistical data for the juvenile detention facility.

Direct subordinate supervisors who plan, monitor and deliver in concert with the Court the appropriate service options for delinquent youth.

Direct, through subordinate supervisors, the work a staff of social workers and counselors engaged in overseeing community-based detention programs for the temporary care of delinquent youths.  This involves providing emergency placement and counseling services to clients in group, foster and in-home detention programs as an alternative to secured detention for court-referred youths.   Work includes responsibility for overall operational activities in the areas of intake, youth counseling, youth placement and behavior monitoring services and involves considerable interaction with service providers and family court representatives to monitor and evaluate care provided to program participants.


Staff Development


           Provides managerial oversight for On The Job (OJT) and Ongoing Training programs and direction to the DHS training staff to ensure that the departmental training program provides opportunities for professional growth and development for new and experienced staff in order to meet social service goals and /or comply with State mandates, regulations and accreditation requirements to achieve and maintain necessary certification to perform case management responsibilities and direct service responsibilities.

            Coordinate the OJT and Ongoing Training programs that train new staff in the Core Curriculum required by State Regulations and the Pennsylvania Competency Training and Certification Program to ensure certification of new staff.  Also trains new and existing staff in the internal policies, procedures, and practices necessary to perform in their function.

Coordinate and develop Individual Training Needs Assessment or Individual Development Plans for all staff.

Provide and coordinate the opportunity for CYD staff to complete the 20 hours of training required to retain certification. 

Provide and coordinate the opportunity for JJS staff to complete the 40 hours of training required to retain accreditation status and licensure and / or increase individual enhancement of awareness, knowledge, and skill.

Coordinate and collaborate with the state’s competency based training program, Regional Training Center and JDCAP.

Oversee the coordination of the Employee Education Program (EEP) and Child Welfare for Leadership Program (CWEL) and Child Welfare Education for Baccalaureates that provides opportunities for staff to obtain an MSW and the CWEB program.

Manage special contracts with Temple University and the Children, Youth and Family Council Education Consortium, PRIDE, Colours, Inc. and others as needed.

Coordinate the Administrative Retreat Program, Supervisory Leadership Development efforts, Family Team meeting training, and additional initiatives as requested by the Department.

Participate as a member of committees and work groups both internal and external, which support staff development and work with members of Administration to identify training needs and coordinate the development of appropriate training curricula to address specific training needs.


Policy Planning


Coordinates state and federal inspections and program reviews.

Reviews federal, state and local legislation, regulations and proposals to assess their impact on the department; summarizes important provisions; provides background information to various sections and divisions within the department as well as to providers.

Maintains and updates policy and procedures manuals for department.

Participates in numerous internal departmental and external work groups.

Provides information systems input on permanency, foster parent notification, compliance review, automated Family Service Plans, automated risk assessments, and data review for ASFA and court units.

Assembles and provides various information and reports for providers.


Performance Management


            Plans, develops and coordinates the evaluation of performance based contracting programs for the Department of Human Services; coordinates, plans and develops performance based contracting programs; develops, in concert with cross-division staff, a mechanism to identify and refer program participants; develops selection criteria and protocols to be used by contractors in selecting program participants; arranges with social service providers to offer participants appropriate and timely treatment options; coordinates with all program agencies and/or departments the monitoring of short and long term progress of all program participants.

            Supervises in-house or contracted staff engaged in selecting and monitoring program participants; reviews individual cases; makes final determination regarding acceptability of clients into programs; monitors the activities of contracted agencies to ensure compliance with contract requirements and federal, state and city regulations and statutes.

            Develops and reviews program goals by formulating with the respective program participant or service provider the policies, standards and procedures governing the phases of the performance based contracting program; evaluates and reviews the quality and effectiveness of the program from a management point of view; recommends program modifications to better meet needs.

            Assists in planning the annual program budget based on contracted and negotiated services; reviews proposed budget requests for compliance to city, state and federal guidelines to assure adherence to accepted fiscal practices.

            Keeps informed of and evaluates federal, state and private sources of funding for services and research; attends meetings with federal, state and other officials to review proposed programs and to clarify any questionable points.

            Prepares and submits periodic reports on program activities and achievement and on progress toward the overall program goals; prepares or assists in the preparation of various reports to federal, state and city funding agencies; prepares and submits for review the proposed contracts for services being performed by outside agencies.

            Provides advisory services to public officials and private and community groups or organizations on the program structure, goals and results; conducts surveys and research studies on similar programs and related activities throughout the country and incorporates and reports significant findings.

Develops, in concert with cross-division staff, a mechanism to identify and refer program participants; develops selection criteria and protocols to be used by contractors in selecting program participants; arranges with social service providers to offer participants appropriate and timely treatment options; coordinates with all program agencies. Statistical, analytical and administrative work with responsibility for directing the collection, classification, analysis, maintenance and dissemination of statistics related to the provision of services within DHS.

Meets with divisional managers to gather information necessary to compile the department’s strategic plan; meets with provider agency staff to provide training for data management and collection techniques; works with budget staff to compile budget projection and tracking parameters.

Directs and participates in the preparation of the department’s statistical reports; directs staff in the procedures and methods to be employed regarding data collection and analysis; selects and formulates data to be included in reports; determines the narrative, tabular and graphic content; provides data processing unit with specifications; oversees and participates in quality control methods used in the review of assembled data; analyzes data and prepares written commentary based on findings; makes arrangements for the publication and dissemination of finished reports.

Devises measures and methods to gather data enabling the assessment of the quality of purchased behavioral health services and the assessment of the appropriateness of clinical services.

Assesses the fiscal implications for the Department of various programs and providers through the use of data and program analysis.

            Confers with division directors and program administrators and information system specialists inside and outside the department to identify computer system statistical and management information reporting requirements; develops and revises information systems as needed; evaluates statistical information needs of the divisions; reviews, revises, and designs forms and other instruments used to gather information; participates in the design and the development of reports; formulates report specifications for the data processing unit and other providers of computer services.




Directs, through subordinate supervisors, a social service program designed to provide services for inmates who have a drug and alcohol addiction including counseling, group sessions and general case management or a social service program designed for the majority of the inmate population including case management and job placement.


Plans, reviews, evaluates and coordinates through subordinate supervisors, the activities of a group of social workers providing services to incarcerated or detained adults or youths; reviews and evaluates social service practices of facility; trains workers in the problems of incarcerated youths and adults; consults with other officials to coordinate procedures and develop new practices; develops programs to counsel, refer, place and/or rehabilitate individuals; counsels family members; coordinates activities of volunteer groups with program objectives.





All Specialties:


·         the principles, practices and techniques of social work in the area of specialization

·         the principles, practices and policies of social service administration

·         managerial methods and techniques including budgeting and efficient resource allocation

·         the philosophy and objectives underlying social services to individuals in the area of specialization

·         the legal provisions and regulations applicable to the oversight and delivery of program services in the area of specialization

·         the principles, practices, techniques, literature and current developments in the field of human services planning in the area of specialization

·         the functions and resources of public and private social welfare and related agencies providing services to individuals in the area of specialization

·         the principles, practices and procedures for human service program planning and evaluation in the area of specialization

·         behavioral science concepts and principles

·         principles and practices of administrative organization and management, and their application to the resolution of a variety of operational and administrative problems

Children and Youth Services:


·         case management techniques

·         provider management, oversight and evaluation

·         various community-based programs within Philadelphia

·         community-based program analysis and evaluation techniques

·         contracting techniques and evaluation

·         proposal writing and evaluation techniques


Juvenile Justice Services:


·         the juvenile justice and/or child welfare system, specifically within Philadelphia

·         principles of appropriately administering juvenile justice

·         principles of juvenile detention or child care within home and institutional settings

·         juvenile risk assessment


Staff Development:


·         professional development techniques

·         alternative professional development programs within social service field

·         presentation techniques


Policy and Planning:


·         federal and state social service regulations

·         federal and state inspection methods and procedures

·         planning approaches and techniques


Performance Management:


·         the principals and practices of program planning and development for performance based contracting

·         methods, techniques, and resources available for the dissemination of educational information on performance based contracting

·         the principles and practices of public administration and of methods and procedures analysis

·         social service quality assurance and utilization practices and concepts

·         statistical and analytical techniques used to assess social service programs

·         reporting techniques and methods

·         data gathering techniques




All Specialties:


·         plan, organize and manage the activities of a major social service program

·         formulate program goals and coordinate service activities

·         work closely with and coordinate efforts with other service departments in the City

·         represent the Division and/or Department to external agencies and funders

·         apply behavioral science concepts and principles in directing the operations of a major social service program

·         effect sound management practices in the administration of social service program and implement staff performance standards

·         evaluate program quality and effectiveness 

·         analyze and resolve complex social work situations, and make sound recommendations consistent with social work principles and departmental policies

·         exercise judgment and discretion in applying and interpreting policies and procedures consistent with overall program policy and objectives

·         interpret and explain program function, goals and objectives

·         establish and maintain effective working relationships with representatives of private and public agencies, the judiciary, civic groups, associates and the general public

·         present ideas effectively, both orally and in writing. 


Children and Youth Services:


·         manage directly and indirectly case management activities

·         smoothly oversee relationship between DHS and assigned providers

·         critically analyze community-based programs

·         oversee and manage contracts with community-based organizations

·         evaluate community-based programs


Juvenile Justice Services:


·         plan, organize, direct and coordinate the activities of a large multi-disciplined staff providing care and custody of youths and support and ancillary services to both detained juveniles and the physical plant in the facility.

·         succinctly present case information within a court setting

·         interact with legal professionals

·         learn  and apply the policies and procedures of the City’s juvenile detention facility

·         evaluate alternative setting for temporary detention of court-referred youths


Staff Development:


·         assess professional development needs within social service field

·         evaluate development programs

·         deliver development programs in a professional and effective manner

·         manage the development and delivery of staff development programs


Policy and Planning:


·         write and interpret policies

·         interpret policies

·         assess compliance with policies and procedures


Performance Management:


·         direct the planning, development, coordination and evaluation of performance based contracting services

·         supervise staff engaged in monitoring performance based contracting program participants

·         conduct statistical studies

·         evaluate and interpret statistical study outcomes

·         evaluate large data bases

·         generate clear and succinct reports  summarizing statistical investigations


MINIMUM ACCEPTABLE TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE  (The following statement represents the minimum training and experience standards that will be used to admit or reject applicants for tests.  Applications submitted by candidates for this class will be reviewed based on training and experience requirements as approved on 11/10.)




Children and Youth Services Specialty Only


Completion of a master's degree program at an accredited college or university with major course work in social work.


Correctional Specialty Only


            Completion of a master’s degree program at an accredited college or university with major course work in social work, psychology, educational counseling or a related field.


All Other Specialties


            Completion of a master's degree program at an accredited college or university with major course work in social work, psychology, public administration, criminal justice, educational counseling, statistics or a related field.





            Four years of social work experience, two years of which has been at the full performance level.





Children and Youth Services


            Three years of social work experience supervising social workers in the area of specialization.


Juvenile Justice Services


            Three years of experience supervising social workers, or child care counselors through subordinate supervisors, in a large residential child care or juvenile detention facility for the care and custody of delinquent youth or supervising the provision community based detention services for delinquent youths.


Staff Development


            Three years of experience supervising training and development activities.


Policy and Planning


            Three years of experience supervising policy and planning activities.


Performance Management


            Three years of experience managing the Performance Based Contracting initiative for the Department of Human Services including the planning, development, monitoring, and evaluation of programs administered by contracted agencies under performance based contracting requirements.




            Three years of experience supervising social workers in a correctional environment.


            Or any equivalent combination of education and experience determined to be acceptable by the Office of Human Resources that has included a master's degree as described above and the specific experience.




            Ability to physically perform the duties and to work in the environmental conditions required of a position in this class.


NOTE:            In accordance with Pennsylvania Act 33 or 2985, State Criminal Record and Central Register reports may be required prior to appointment to positions in this class having responsibility for direct child care.


Class Established: 2/53

Spec. Revised: 7/03

Spec. Revised: 4/10

Spec. Revised: 11/10

Latest Spec. Revision:

CSC – 3/13

 Ad. Board – 4/13