(General) (Correctional)




            This is supervisory social work within the assigned specialty.  An employee in this class supervises the activities of, and gives consultation and direction to the social workers engaged in performing a variety of counseling, referral, placement and/or adoptive functions related to services to children and youth, services to adults and the aging, or correctional rehabilitation.  The employee has controlling responsibility for the operation of a unit within a specialized social work program and insures that the unit conforms to standards, regulations and laws of the department, commonwealth, and federal agencies.  Work may include assigning cases, reviewing case activities, determining training and developmental needs, training employees, reviewing worker performances, and initiating corrective action when necessary.  Contact with individuals, their families, representatives of private and public welfare agencies, representatives of professional and community groups, and the general public as well as supervision of social workers and other subordinate staff are of major significance to the work.  Work is performed under the general supervision of a functional superior. 






            Plans, assigns and reviews the activities of a group of social workers performing social service functions within assigned specialty; recommends changes in practices and procedures to increase operating efficiency and expedite work flow; confers with superiors on policies, rules, and regulations related to social service functions; consults with private and public welfare agency officials on established procedures and problem areas; recommends establishing or modifying current methods and policies; confers with superior on unusual social service problems.

            Screens cases initially to determine level of risk to individual, individual's eligibility for program, and services required; reviews cases for socio-economic, medical, educational, employment and/or other information; assigns social work duties and meets with appropriate social worker to discuss status of work, problems encountered, basis for actions, and alternative solutions; reviews and discusses progress, reviews workers' reports; provides supportive liaison services and assistance when required; reviews recommendations for case closings and transfers; evaluates workers' performance.

            Trains social workers in social work techniques and methodologies; orients worker with appropriate laws, policies, regulations and procedures; evaluates worker development, performance and problem areas to determine training needs; takes corrective action where necessary. 

            Communicates with other public and private agencies, hospitals and institutions to exchange information and develop resources; prepares correspondence; answers inquiries relating to services and clients. 

            Performs related work as required.




            Assigns, reviews and evaluates the activities of a group of social workers providing services to incarcerated or detained adults or youths; provides direct counseling services to incarcerated adults and youths; reviews and evaluates social service practices of facility; trains workers in the problems of incarcerated youths and adults; consults with other officials to coordinate procedures and develop new practices; develops programs to counsel, refer, place and/or rehabilitate individuals; counsels family members; trains staff in counseling methods and practices; coordinates activities of volunteer groups with program objectives; conducts classification conferences; serves as voting member at disciplinary board hearings.  




            Assigns, reviews, and evaluates the activities of a group of social workers providing services to clients; supervises workers in such functional areas as residential care, adoption, homemaker services, foster care, guardianship, purchase of services, counseling and referral, and protective services; trains workers in the problems of adults and children; discusses the appropriate placement and services required; determines whether court action is required; evaluates services provided to individuals by private, public and contracted agencies; reviews the development and implementation of service plans within the service setting.


Department of Human Services Positions Only:


Practice Specialist


·         Supervises staff assigned as Team Coordinators

·         Coordinates and facilitates teaming decision making

·         Reviews safety plans

·         Ensures compliance with all relevant laws, policies and regulations. 

·         Assists with identifying and resolving systemic barriers to reunification and permanency and assists with identifying gaps in services. 

·         Develops plan that includes concurrent planning.

·         Re-assess the appropriateness of placements and the progress toward reunification.

·         Identifies additional supports and services for the child, youth, and family

·         May also act as a coach/mentor to provide case consultation to contracted provider agency staff.


Quality Visitation Reviewer


Supervises subordinates visits of homes to ensure that case documentation matches the family’s experience of services received.


Senior Learning Specialist


            Conducts organizational-wide learning and development assessments with DHS internal divisions and /or Community Umbrella Agencies and their contracted providers to identify skill gaps and learning opportunities; supervises the activities of Learning Specialist by overseeing content design and development and related activities to ensure solutions meet the needs of DHS and system partners; facilitates intra and intergroup meetings; develops and manages project plans; develops and maintains project plans; communicates policy and procedure changes; facilitates change management activities including training.






·         the principles, practices and techniques of social work as applied to the respective area of specialization and assignment

·         group treatment and therapy methods used in the rehabilitation of inmate populations, if required by job assignment

·         the theory and principles of social welfare and their application to the problems of inmate populations, if required by work assignment

·         supervisory methods and techniques

·         the principles, practices and policies of social service administration

·         the principles, practices and procedures for social service program planning and evaluation within the respective area of specialization

·         administrative principles, policies and procedures governing social services as applied to the respective area of specialization

·         the legal provisions and regulations applicable to the delivery of social service within the respective area of specialization

·         the principles, practices, techniques, literature and current developments in the field of social service planning within the respective area of specialization

·         the functions and resources of public and private social welfare and related agencies providing services to individuals within the respective area of specialization

·         current social, economic, environmental and health problems affecting the clients

·         social and environmental factors which result in the need for placement or institutionalization of individuals

·         behavioral science concepts and principles as they relate to supervision of a group of social workers and other subordinate staff

·         the principles and practices of administrative organization and management and its applications in resolving a variety of operational and administrative problems




·         plan, organize and coordinate the activities of a group of social workers within the respective area of specialization

·         apply behavioral science concepts and principles in the supervision of a group of social workers

·         evaluate social service programs and make recommendations to improve effectiveness of operations

·         effect sound management practices in the administration of social service programs

·         analyze and resolve complex social work situations and make sound recommendations consistent with social work principles and departmental policies

·         exercise judgment and discretion in applying and interpreting policies and procedures consistent with the overall policy and objectives of programs

·         conduct learning and development assessments for the senior learning specialist assignment

·         develop and conduct training programs for the senior learning specialist assignment

·         use personal computers and relevant software packages and applications

·         use computer analytic tools, standard quantitative data collection tools,  and qualitative interviews if required by assignment

·         interpret and explain program function, goals and objectives

·         establish and maintain effective working relationships with representatives of private and public agencies, the judiciary, civic groups, associates and the general public

·         present ideas effectively, both orally and in writing

·         prepare and analyze reports pertaining to social service program


MINIMUM ACCEPTABLE TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE  (The following statement represents the minimum training and experience standards which will be used to admit or reject applicants for tests.  Applications submitted by candidates for this class will be reviewed based on training and experience requirements as approved on 1/05.)






            Completion of a master's degree program in social work from an accredited college or university.





            Three years of social work experience, one of which has been at the full performance level within the area of specialization.




            Completion of a master's degree in social work, psychology, educational counseling or a related field from an accredited college or university.





            Three years of social work experience in the area of specialization, one of which has been at the full performance level.


NOTE:            Two years of postgraduate social work experience at any level within the area of specialization following the completion of a master's degree in social work may be substituted for the required three years of experience in the General specialty. 




            Ability to physically perform the duties and to work in the environmental conditions required of a position in this class.

Class Established - 1/53

Spec Revision: CSC –05/04; Ad. Board 01/05

Last Spec Revision: CSC – 9/12; Ad. Board 11/12