This is administrative nursing work for the Department of Public Health directing clinic and managed care nursing services for the department’s eight district health centers.  An employee in this class is responsible for developing, establishing, implementing and evaluating standards for nursing and managed care services, and technical consultation regarding the nursing and managed care functions and state health benefit entitlement laws to divisional and health center personnel.  Conferring with program and district directors and providing technical supervision, through subordinate supervisors, to professional nursing personnel are major aspects of the work.  Work is performed under the direction of an administrative superior.


ALLOCATING FACTORS   (The following conditions must be met for a position to be allocated to this class.)


  1. The employee in the position must perform administrative nursing work directing the city-wide clinic and managed care nursing services for the city’s health districts.
  2. The employee must perform the work in the Health Department.
  3. Only one position will be allocated to this class.




            Directs, the professional clinic and managed care nursing services on a public health and citywide center basis; makes recommendations for staffing, revisions in service standards and program changes for improvement of nursing services; directs the development, coordination, implementation and evaluation of new revision of existing nursing policies and procedures;  provides quality improvement strategies,  for health care services delivered, by controlling health care costs and minimizing inappropriate and  maximizing appropriate service utilization. 

            Modifies existing and develops new health care service delivery processes and procedures to address changes in the health care field with regard to the provision of services through a managed care approach.

            Provides technical nursing and administrative management, through subordinate Health Care Coordinators, to insure standardization in the delivery of nursing services consistent with departmental objectives, policies and procedures.

            Develops procedures for recruitment, selection, promotion and retention of nursing staff; develops, implements and evaluates an orientation and in-service education program to achieve service goals in consultation with appropriate divisional and health center directors; interprets nursing roles, analyzes staff requirements and provides staffing and supply data for budgets; allocates nursing personnel in consultation with program division.

            Directs and performs studies of existing nursing services using, among other methods, the department's Electronic Health Record System; utilizes this system to increase the efficiency of billing third party payers; directs and performs studies of existing nurse staffing patterns.

            Serves on commissions and boards to set nursing policy; participates in conferences and meetings to discuss and resolve problems pertaining to the delivery of health center services; assists in developing referral and reporting procedures to be followed with respect to field nursing services provided by outside health agencies; develops cooperative relationships with other institutions and service agencies for the exchange of information relating to nursing practice, education, and in-service training.

            Performs related work as required.









·                     perform a variety of administrative and supervisory tasks related to the operation of a large nursing service which includes managed care nursing services provided in numerous health centers

·                     plan, direct, coordinate and evaluate nursing services in an ambulatory health services facility

·                     develop and coordinate referral and reporting procedures for the provision of home nursing services

·                     prepare and analyze reports as they pertain to nursing services

·                     establish and maintain effective working relationships with professional and administra­tive personnel


MINIMUM ACCEPTABLE TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE (The following statement represents the minimum training and experience standards which will be used to admit or reject applicants for tests.  Applications submitted by candidates for this class will be reviewed based on training and experience requirements as approved on 12/17.)




            Completion of a master's degree program at an accredited college or university with major course work in nursing administration, public health, hospital or health administration, business administration, public administration, or political science with major concentration in public administration. 





            Five years of nursing experience.





            Two years of managerial level health care coordination work planning, developing, reviewing, evaluating and coordinating the provision of health care services to patients in a district health center.




            Any equivalent combination of education and experience determined to be acceptable by the Office of Human Resources which has included completion of an appropriate master's degree program as an educational minimum and the specific experience described above.


City of Philadelphia Classes That Typically Meet the Minimum Experience Requirements:


Health Care Coordinator (4C19)




            Ability to physically perform the duties and to work in the environmental conditions required of a position in this class.




            Eligibility for a license as a registered nurse issued by the Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing Education and Licensure at the time of application and possession of such licensure within time limits specified by the department and during tenure of employment in this class.


Class Established:

CSC - 5/01

Ad. Board - 9/01

Change in Pay Rate:

CSC – 2/07

Ad. Board – 4/07

                                                                                                            Latest Spec. Revision:

CSC – 11/17

Ad. Board – 12/17