This is managerial level pharmaceutical work, directing the provision of pharmaceutical services for the City's Health Department. Directing the operations of the district health center and central fill pharmacies through subordinate pharmacy managers and coordinating pharmacy services with other health service activities are major aspects of the work. The employee reports to an administrative superior.


ALLOCATING FACTORS: (The following conditions must be met for a position to be allocated to this class).





Directs provision of pharmacy services through subordinate managers; provides technical guidance to professional pharmacy staff; develops performance standards, objectives, roles and responsibilities for staff in the pharmaceutical services operation; establishes standards for pharmacists and ensures that pharmacy managers and pharmacists comply with State Board of Pharmacy regulations; reviews the performance of pharmacy managers assigned to the district health centers and the central fill pharmacy; reviews personnel decisions made by subordinate supervisors; monitors pharmacy workloads and staffing patterns to ensure quality pharmacy services are maintained; in conjunction with Pharmacy Managers and District Health Center managers, develops responsibilities and assignments for staff at the central pharmacy and at district health centers; visits pharmacies to review operations and consults with health administrative officials to coordinate pharmacy services with other program activities; revises central pharmacy procedures to better meet the pharmaceutical needs of various Health Department operating units; serves as pharmaceutical consultant to other health department officials.

Directs, through subordinate managers, the ordering, purchasing, storing, dispensation and distribution of pharmaceutical products for a City-wide health services program; develops and revises methods of receiving and storing pharmaceutical products; designs physical facilities to more efficiently and securely store pharmaceuticals; develops and revises systems of delivering pharmaceutical products to district health centers, Prison health facilities, and the Youth Study Center; meets with directors of other Health Department divisions or sections to arrange more efficient delivery of pharmaceuticals; utilizes pharmaceutical software to maintain mandated records and reports of all drugs and chemical substances dispensed; develops recommendations for new procedures to ensure the control and accountability of drugs and medications used with the department; reviews reports from pharmaceutical facilities to determine usage rates and prescription trends; identifies and maintains current knowledge of drugs and pharmacy requirements to ensure lowest possible costs; makes appropriate changes in ordering of supplies and medications.

Maintains, edits and revises the departmental formulary, adding or deleting items as appropriate; reviews request to add items; determines the effectiveness of medication utilization within the department and within other departments as requested; keeps staff apprised of new drug information; meets with pharmaceutical vendors to review and evaluate new medications on the market; makes recommendations for the purchase of new drugs.

Prepares operating budget proposals for the pharmacy program; monitors expenditures and notifies appropriate parties of potential cost overruns; prepares contracts and monitors contractor's performance for services provided to the City; determines and makes recommendations for the purchase of new equipment to improve efficiency of pharmaceutical services.

Performs related work as required.












MINIMUM ACCEPTABLE TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE (The following statement represents the minimum training and experience standards which will be used to admit or reject applicants for tests. Applications submitted by candidates for this class will be reviewed based on training and experience requirements as approved on 9/10.)




Five years of pharmaceutical experience, one year of which shall have been at the administrative level serving as a pharmacy manager for a health center or central fill pharmacy for the City of Philadelphia’s Department of Public Health.

Or any equivalent combination of education and experience determined to be acceptable by the Office of Human Resources.




Ability to physically perform the duties and to work in the environmental conditions required of a position in this class.




Possession of a license as a registered Pharmacist as issued by the Pennsylvania State Board of Pharmacy prior to and during tenure of employment as a Pharmaceutical Services Administrator.

Possession of certification as a Pharmacy Manager during tenure of employment and eligibility for participation in all departmental reimbursement programs, if required by work assignment.


Class Established:

CSC - 11/06

Ad. Board - 4/07


Latest Spec. Revision:

CSC – 8/10

Ad. Board – 9/10

Change in Pay Rate:

CSC – 9/13

Ad. Board – 11/13