CHEMICAL TECHNICIAN SUPERVISOR    



                                                                                                            (Water Sampling)




            This is supervisory technical laboratory work directing and participating in the performance of standardized analyses of wastewater and wastewater byproducts, and/or water samples to ensure conformance to water quality and environmental regulatory standards. Employees in this class monitor and evaluate the technical quality of test results and the quality of testing and sample collection procedures, and make recommendations for methods improvement.  The employees may work with hazardous acids or substances.  Positions in the Water Sampling specialty are also responsible for coordinating the City's water sampling program and laboratory responses to customer complaints on water quality. 

            Providing technical support to subordinate technicians and assistants, ensuring that the operation of the laboratory is in accordance with departmental standard operating procedures and state regulations, and preparing reports for supervisory review are significant aspects of the work.  Work is performed under the direction of a laboratory or administrative superior. 


ALLOCATING FACTORS:   (The following conditions must be met for a position to be allocated to this class.)


1.         Employees in these positions must supervise lower-level technicians in the performance of standardized tests on water and/or wastewater and wastewater byproduct samples. 

2.         These positions must be located in the Water Department. 






            Plans, schedules, assigns and evaluates the work of subordinate technicians and assistants; evaluates the technical quality of subordinates' work through application of quality control program; provides technical support to subordinates; trains technical personnel in Standardized Operating Procedures (SOPs) required for unit’s operation, quality control procedures and the operation of new testing equipment; instructs subordinates in the use of new and proper test methods and special assignments; presents training programs on testing methodology and safety procedures; reviews test results; supervises the maintenance of records of tests performed and general laboratory activities; reviews and approves data; compiles statistical reporting data for superiors; estimates personnel needs to ensure optimal staffing of laboratory. 

            Prepares written reports for laboratory supervisor; participates in the performance of standardized chemical or biological tests on wastewater, sludge and/or water samples; recommends improvements to testing or sample collection procedures; maintains inventory of laboratory supplies; prepares budget for unit for laboratory supplies; may recommend purchase of new equipment; ensures that the operation of the laboratory is in accordance with departmental standard operating procedures and state regulations; may recommend improvements to laboratory processes in compliance with regulations;

            Performs related work as required. 




            Supervises the performance of standardized chemical and physical analyses of source water, drinking water at different treatment stages, finished drinking water, water treatment chemicals and special samples, wastewater and wastewater byproducts; enforces minimum number of tests per unit; supervises laboratory helpers in the proper cleansing of laboratory glass and plasticware and in conducting simple laboratory tests; makes chemical calculations during testing process; prepares check standard solutions according to standardized procedures to test source water and drinking water for routine water quality parameters, wastewater and sludge for total and suspended solids, pH levels, volatile acids, dissolved oxygen content and other similar physical and chemical properties; maintains testing equipment and instruments and troubleshoots malfunctioning equipment for quality assurance; cleans test equipment and assigned work area; verifies the bench sheets for completion and accuracy at the end of the workshift / day, enters and approves analytical data into the laboratory’s information management system (LIMS) software,  prepares simple custom reports and retrieves analytical data using computer terminal and appropriate software. 




            Supervises the performance of water and wastewater sampling and water quality investigations for the City's water process plants and water distribution network; approves data of sample analyses that directly correlates to operations of plant; evaluates water and wastewater sampling procedures and schedules and implements changes; coordinates response to customer complaints of water quality problems; evaluates complaints and determines appropriate response; determines sample type and sampling techniques and dispatches staff to secure sample when appropriate; develops and maintains Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) detailing sampling techniques and chain-of-custody procedures in accordance with federal and State regulations; interacts with customers, explaining departmental response and results; communicates sample results to appropriate personnel for corrective action; supervises the collection of water samples; schedules sanitary release sampling and communicates sampling results to construction inspector; maintains sanitary release records; certifies water mains as acceptable for potable water delivery and reports results to water inspector; generates and releases sanitary release reports to engineering supervisor; ensures that sampling bottles and tools meet requirements of disinfection standards; ensures the laboratory's potable water sampling program is in compliance with federal and state safe drinking water regulations;

            Interacts with and accounts for laboratory operations and records in audits by state environmental agency; ensures continuous testing and analysis; evaluates route scheduling and makes adjustments to increase efficiency; reviews sanitary surveys and orders follow-up sampling. 








•           the principles and techniques used in setting up and operating standard laboratory instrumentation and equipment

•           the nomenclature, technical symbols, equipment and materials used in the chemical and biological testing of water and wastewater

•           laboratory management, to include operation of equipment, assignment of personnel and determination of work priorities

•           laboratory safety practices and procedures

•           operation and maintenance of complex instrumentation

•           the techniques used in conducting basic chemical and biological tests

•           supervisory methods and techniques




•           the principles of chemistry in relation to basic chemical tests

•           mathematical applications to standard chemical tests

•           analytical techniques as they apply to standard chemical testing




•           the equipment, methods, procedures and practices used in sampling water, wastewater and sludge

•           the fundamental causes and effects of water quality degradation and improvement

•           stream and estuary flow and natural runoff

•           the established principles and methods used in water sample collection, handling and transport






•           performing standardized tests and making repetitive chemical analysis quickly and accurately

•           organization of records and thorough attention to detail

•           the use and care of laboratory equipment, instruments and materials






•           supervise a small group of technicians performing standard chemical tests and sample collection for a laboratory facility

•           prepare, review and maintain reports and logs showing test results and daily laboratory activities

•           coordinate testing activities to obtain accurate test results

•           maintain an inventory of laboratory materials, supplies and equipment necessary for daily operations

•           evaluate the technical quality of subordinates' work and provide the necessary technical support

•           review standard testing and sample collection procedures and make recommendations for improvement

•           train subordinates in new testing methodology, sample collection and safety procedures

•           implement standard operating procedures and quality assurance measures in accordance with federal and state environmental regulations

•           use a computer terminal to enter or retrieve, review and approve data

•           establish and maintain effective working relationships with laboratory personnel and other department units and the general public

•           present ideas effectively, both orally and in writing




•           prepare, read and interpret technical plans, layouts, charts, diagrams, schematics, maps, estimates, specifications and test reports

•           install and operate water sampling equipment


MINIMUM ACCEPTABLE TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE  (The following statement represents the minimum training and experience standards which will be used to admit or reject applicants for tests.  Applications submitted by candidates for this class will be reviewed based on training and experience requirements as approved on 1/95.)






            Completion of a two-year program at a technical institute with major coursework in water technology, biology, chemistry, environmental studies. 




            Completion of fifteen semester hours in chemistry at an accredited college or university, which has included six semester hours in chemistry laboratory work. 





            Two years of experience performing standardized routine chemical tests in a water or wastewater laboratory. 






            Completion of a two-year program at a technical institute or an accredited college or university with major coursework in water or engineering technology, biology, chemistry or environmental studies.





            Two years of experience performing standardized routine tests in a water or wastewater laboratory, one year of which has included monitoring a program of water quality investigations and evaluating water and wastewater sampling procedures.




            Ability to physically perform the duties and to work in the environmental conditions required of a position in this class.




            Possession of a valid proper class motor vehicle operator's license as issued by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania prior to appointment and during tenure of appointment as a Chemical Technician Supervisor, Water Sampling specialty. 



Class Established:

CSC - 8/91

Ad. Board - 10/91


Spec. Revision:

CSC - 12/11

Ad. Board – 1/12