This is surveying work supervising the field activities of two or more survey corps.  Employees in this class coordinate field and office operations, develop corps work assignments and assist survey corps leaders in resolving difficult surveying problems and in making related computations.  Employees review and utilize field notes, computations and sketches to prepare detailed survey plans according to regulatory codes and requirements. Conferring with contractors, builders, developers and City department and supervising a group of survey corps involved in the development of construction and/or land surveys are significant aspects of the work.  Work is performed under the general supervision of a technical superior.




            Receives and studies new survey assignments to determine priorities and the amount of time needed to complete the work; designates a corps leader to direct survey corps in performing the study; assists corps leaders in obtaining all necessary background information; issues special instructions and directions regarding problems or obstacles which might be encountered; may visit survey corps in the field to observe their work and to advise them on technical problems; reviews corps leaders' field notebooks for accuracy and completeness of sketches, notations and calculations; assists survey corps leaders in resolving difficult surveying problems and in making related computations.    Prepares time estimates for employees engaged in a given project;  monitors project progress to ensure deadlines are met; prepares preliminary material estimates for construction of paving projects; reviews findings of field survey corp.; re-checks the amount and kinds of materials used for certification of payment to contractors; may estimate and collect payment for survey requests.

            Uses existing records, field notes and sketches to draft survey plans for various projects; may participate in the preparation of specifications, legal descriptions and contract documents; makes necessary calculations for revised lines, grades and arcs; computes assessment bills against properties for public improvements.

            Confers with contractors, builders, developers, City departments, lawyers and the general public to discuss survey needs and gather property information; answers initial and follow-up questions from the general public regarding surveys.

            Ensures plans and records are appropriately indexed, organized and maintained; provides plans and information to other city departments, utility companies, public agencies, engineering companies, law firms and the general public. 

            Performs related work as required.






•           the practices, principles, techniques and instruments used in surveying

•           mathematics including trigonometry and geometry as it is applied to field surveying and related engineering computations

•           the principles, practices, techniques and instruments of computer assisted drafting as required in surveying

•           engineering principles and practices used in the preparation of estimates and certification of contract work performance as related to construction work

•           supervisory methods and techniques

•           federal, state and local laws and standards for surveying

•           professional ethical standards and considerations for land surveying




•           the use of Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment, optical equipment, electronic instruments, and various instruments used in modern surveying and engineering.

•           the application of principles and techniques used in surveying

•           drafting and preparing survey plans

•           observing field conditions, preparing and keeping accurate notes and records




•           instruct and assist survey corps leaders in resolving difficult technical and surveying problems

•           resolve the more complex field survey and related mathematical and drafting problems encountered in survey activities

•           reduce field notes and sketches and to make, read and interpret sketches, maps and plans

•           organize and plan the work of multiple survey corps

•           manage multiple projects

•           apply regulatory codes, standards and regulations affecting the work

•           establish and maintain effective working relationships with associates, contractors, builders and the general public

•           learn to use Global Position System (GPS) equipment, and other optical and electronic equipment and instruments used in modern surveying


MINIMUM ACCEPTABLE TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE  (The following statement represents the minimum training and experience standards which will be used to admit or reject applicants for tests.  Applications submitted by candidates for this class will be reviewed based on training and experience requirements as approved on 11/13.)




            Education equivalent to completion of the twelfth school grade.






            Four years of surveying experience






            Two years of surveying experience serving as chief of a survey corps performing construction and/or land surveys.


NOTE: Completion of a degree program at an accredited college or university with major course work in Land Surveying, Surveying Technology or Civil Engineering with at least 10 credit hours in surveying satisfies the General Experience requirement on a year for year basis.


NOTE: Possession of Certification as a Land Surveyor in Training satisfies the General Experience requirement.




            Any equivalent combination of education and experience determined to be acceptable by the Office of Human Resources that has included the specific experience described above.




            Ability to physically perform the duties and to work in the environmental conditions required of a position in this class.




            Possession of a valid proper class motor vehicle operator's license as issued by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania prior to appointment and during tenure of employment as a Surveyor 2, if required by work assignment.


Class Established 1/69

Spec. Revision: 5/04

Spec. Revision:

CSC- 9/13

Ad Board- 11/13

Latest Spec. Revision:

CSC – 4/15

Ad. Board – 4/15