This is managerial planning work directing the planning of the Airport's capital improvement program and Master Plan, which includes all phases of planning for the physical plant development of the Philadelphia International Airport and Northeast Airports. The employee in this class prioritizes, plans and makes decisions impacting the airports. Work includes review and approval of preliminary plans, cost estimates, environmental compliance plans, feasibility and environmental impact studies, and the coordination of all tenant related functions, such as site selection, land acquisition and tenant licensure. Interfacing with the design and construction managers during planning and design phases is a significant aspect of the work. The employee in this class works with various departments and external stakeholders to develop a comprehensive list of projects for the maintenance, growth, and development of the airports. Work is performed under the general direction of the Deputy Director of Aviation or administrative supervisor.


ALLOCATING FACTORS: (The following conditions must be met for a position to be allocated to this class.)


1. Only one position can be allocated to this class.

2. The position must direct all operations and capital program planning functions for the Division of Aviation through a subordinate supervisor and a group of planning consultants.




Directs the development of comprehensive plans and programs for the utilization of land, and development of physical facilities for municipal airports; confers with superior and other airport managers in developing planning strategies to increase airfield capacity as well as improve and expand existing airport facilities; directs research, and reviews reports on the economic and environmental impact of proposed plans; reviews all proposed plans to ensure consistent application of efforts towards achievement of the Airport's overall planning objectives.

Monitors the performance of planning consultants engaged in preparing preliminary plans, reports, cost estimates, exhibits, and feasibility, traffic and environmental impact studies; administers the Airport Master Plan update and modification for the expansion of airport facilities; reviews all work performed by planning and analytical consultants; meets with consultants to discuss work in progress and makes recommendations when revisions are necessary; directs the design and implementation of minor projects such as runway repair and sidewalk construction; works with the Design and Construction Section to rectify problems and ensure adherence to the Airport Master Plan.

Directs the activities of an planning staff engaged in reviewing tenant permit applications to ensure compatibility with the Airport's overall development program; oversees compliance to all applicable codes and airport engineering and architectural standards; insures adherence to environmental and safety requirements; provides assistance to tenants in obtaining required licensure and permits from City departments and agencies.

Directs the maintenance of engineering records; ensures that all engineering plans, including the airport layout plan, master utility and fire alarm system drawings, and airport hazard zoning map are updated on a regular basis; supplies engineering records and/or information to other airport divisions, tenants, developers, and various federal and state agencies as required.

Initiates, develops, and administers all projects required for compliance to current and future environmental issues including operating and/or capital cost estimates for program implementation; monitors the activities of consultants engaged in preparing environmental compliance plans and specifications for removal of hazardous materials; sets up programs for periodic inspections; establishes priorities and allocates funds in the capital budget for removal of hazardous materials; coordinates the implementation of compliance plans; revises established programs as required to comply with changes in environmental laws; provides reports and maintains records as required by regulatory agencies.

Organizes and serves on committees formed to select consultants; prepares requests for proposals; establishes criteria for the selection of consultants; presents selection committee ratings and recommendations to the Chief Executive Officer; administers contractual agreements between consultants and the City.

Estimates costs for proposed capital and operating budget projects; prepares and reviews planning unit operating budget.

Coordinates plans, conceptual drawings, documents, construction schedules and other developmental documents with airport, tenant and other necessary parties.

Reviews all plans and specifications submitted by tenants or non-airport parties for projects undertaken on airport property to determine rejection, revision or approval.

Manages the noise management functions to ensure responses are provided as a result of complaints; and reviews noise capability plans, and program recommendations for environmental issues related to noise complaints.

Performs related work as required.






      the principles, practices, and theories of planning as applied to the development of airport capital improvement projects

      administrative techniques used in the development of plans for a large municipal airport, including landslide and airside structures and facilities.

      principles and practices of airport operations

      research methods and techniques utilized in planning the development of municipal airports

      principles, practices and techniques of project management systems such as PERT or CPM.

      federal, state and local laws and regulations applicable to the planning and operation of airport facilities

      the sources of information, and current developments in the field of airport planning

      supervisory methods and techniques

      the principles, practices and techniques used in directing environmental impact and feasibility studies

      the various licensing requirements necessary for structural modifications and development

      federal guidelines utilized in the development of an Airport Master Plan.

      municipal procurement contracting practices and procedures

      the Federal and State grant application process

      airport noise control procedures and policies




      communicating effectively

      balancing the needs of airport tenants consistent with the stipulations of the Airport Master Plan




      plan, organize, direct and coordinate the activities of a staff of planners, technical and administrative support staff engaged in planning activities related to the development of airport facilities

      develop an plans that meet present needs as well as future requirements of a municipal airport

      prepare and/or review and approve engineering plans, studies, reports and cost estimates prepared by subordinates and consultants

      determine the need for planning and/or engineering consultants and contracted services

      supervise the activities of planning, engineering and analytical consultants

      interpret and apply federal, state and local regulatory codes applicable to airport improvement projects and environmental compliance programs

      evaluate airport development plans for soundness of engineering features and economic feasibility and to make alternative recommendations

      apply planning and administrative knowledge to the resolution of major technical problems

      prepare capital and operating budget requests

      establish and maintain effective working relationships with associates, consultants, airport tenants, and governmental agencies

      produce clear and concise reports

      use a personal computer and software required by the assignment


MINIMUM ACCEPTABLE TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE (The following statement represents the minimum training and experience standards which will be used to admit or reject applicants for tests. Applications submitted by candidates for this class will be reviewed based on training and experience requirements as approved on 5/14.)




Completion of a bachelor's degree program at an accredited college or university, with major coursework in aviation management, engineering, architecture or a related field.





Four years of experience in airport planning or management.





Three years of experience, which has included managing subordinate airport planners or administering the activities of consultants engaged in the planning and/or design of airport improvement projects.




Any equivalent combination of education and experience determined to be acceptable by the Office of Human Resources, which has included the specific experience and completion of a bachelor's degree program at an accredited college or university as an educational minimum.



Ability to physically perform the duties and to work in the environmental conditions required of a position in this class.




Possession of a valid proper class motor vehicle operator's license as issued by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania prior to appointment and during tenure of appointment as an Airport Planning and Environmental Services Manager.

Must be able to pass and maintain SIDA (Security Identification Display Area) and AOA (Airfield Operations Area) clearance at time of appointment and during tenure of employment.



Class Established 11/77

Spec. Revision

CSC ‑ 8/95

Ad Board ‑ 12/95

Latest Spec. Revision

CSC 4/14

Ad Board 5/14