PAY RANGE: EP13


Election/Public Integrity Compliance Specialist




            This is specialized administrative work of limited scope and difficulty in the maintenance of election documents, the realignment of electoral divisions, and the interpretation and application of the election expense campaign law for the City Commissioners Office or the maintenance and review of documents for compliance with lobbying, campaign finance, financial disclosure and other public integrity laws for the Board of Ethics.  The employee in the City Commissioner’s Office administers the campaign expense program and implements the realignment of voting divisions.  Interpreting provisions of election campaign expense laws and providing information to the public concerning election expense laws and electoral district realignment are significant aspects of the work.  The employees in the Board of Ethics review records maintained by lobbying entities, candidates and committees, including bank account records, vendor invoices and contribution and expenditure ledgers and compose reports of investigative findings in support of enforcement. Work is performed under the supervision of an administrative superior. 


ALLOCATING FACTORS: (The following factors must be met in order for a position to be allocated to this class.)


1.    Positions must perform specialized administrative work of limited scope for the City Commissioners Office or the Board of Ethics. 

2.    Only one position will be allocated to the City Commissioner’s Office and three positions will be allocated to the Board of Ethics.




City Commissioners Position


            Interprets election campaign expense reporting law; reviews expense reports submitted by candidates and political committees; determines if reports submitted are accurate; advises candidates to submit corrected expense reports; conducts drawing to determine those candidates whose campaign expenses are to be audited; notifies candidates by letter when reports are due.

            Confers with candidates, civic organizations, members of political groups and others to resolve campaign expense questions; directs the distribution of election expense forms to candidates and political parties; oversees the collection of late filing fees.

            Assigns work to clerical staff processing financial reports and statements submitted by candidates for political office; reviews reports to determine accuracy; notifies candidates of errors in reports; advises the District Attorney of flagrant discrepancies in campaign expense reports; communicates with state officials to coordinate election code changes or revisions.

            Interprets campaign expense law to election officials, candidates, political parties and public groups.

            Maintains and updates official boundary maps of county electoral districts; revises maps to meet court-ordered changes; changes or deletes portions of maps by using erasing fluids; inks proposed changes on maps using free hand or mechanical drafting implements.

            Prepares lists of city blocks by code number to be changed from one district to another for entry into data base; presents proposed realignment to the City Commissioners for approval; communicates with the judge presiding over implementation of court-ordered realignment to determine which districts must be realigned.

            Provides information to the public concerning the physical limits of boundaries and copies of court orders affecting boundary revisions.

            Creates and updates voter registration ward and division books; assembles voter registration street lists into electoral district and ward sets for distribution; assigns bilingual translator to appropriate polling sites on election day; maintains records of official election results for city and county offices; makes available to the public copies of official election results for all offices.

            Reviews departmental mail; routes inquiries to proper unit for resolution.

            Trains and assigns work to clerical employees receiving and processing voter registration mail forms.

            Assists County Board of Elections in processing nomination petitions, court proceedings, processing absentee ballots; and the canvass of official election results.

            Prepares written and oral reports.

            Performs related work as required.


Board of Ethics Position


            Assists with compliance with Public Integrity laws; reviews and audits campaign finance, financial disclosure and lobbying reports filed with the Boards of Ethics to assess compliance with relevant laws; reviews records maintained by candidates and committees, including bank account records, vendor invoices and contribution and expenditure ledgers and composes reports of investigative findings in support of enforcement; organizes and analyzes evidence from a variety of sources, including bank documents and forensic computer images to develop and maintain databases in support of Board investigations; prepares exhibits for evidentiary hearings; assists with witness interviews.

            Assists filers using the Financial Disclosure System (FDS) to report sources of income; assists candidates and committees using SmartClient software about campaign finance reporting, including the 24 hour contribution requirement; assists lobbyists, lobbying firms and principals in using the City’s online electronic lobbying filing system; assists the public with methods of searching for information concerning contributions and expenditures by Philadelphia candidates and committees in the campaign finance database, including detailed advanced searches with multiple parameters, and with multiple methods of searching the City’s online electronic lobbying filing database.

            Assists with training and outreach programs for City officials and employees, candidates, treasurers, lobbying entities and the public concerning the requirements of the Public Integrity Laws.

            Provides information to City employees and the public concerning ethics, campaign finance, lobbying and financial disclosure laws; responds to the public form information about the Board and its work; reviews public integrity laws and filing requirements in other jurisdictions; conducts related research as directed.

            Performs related work as required.






·         office practices and procedures


City Commissioners Position


·         the federal, state, and city laws and regulations concerning election campaign expenses

·         the election laws of Pennsylvania as they apply to voter registration and the conduct of elections

·         the geography of the City


Board of Ethics Position


·         the laws administered by the Boards of Ethics, including the Ethics, Financial Disclosure, Campaign Finance and Lobbying requirements of the Philadelphia Code and applicable public integrity provisions of the Home Rule Charter

·         the online Financial Disclosure System (FDS)

·         the City’s online electronic lobbying filing system

·         SmartClient software for campaign finance reporting




·         establish and maintain effective working relationships with associates, political parties and candidates, City officials, and the general public

·         interpret and apply laws and regulations

·         maintain records


City Commissioners Position


·         plan, organize, and assign the work of clerical employees engaged in office work related to campaign expenses

·         interpret pertinent sections of the Pennsylvania campaign expense reporting law

·         revise boundary maps of county electoral districts to meet changes required by court order

·         communicate with the general public, the media, schools, and civic groups on matters relating to campaign expenses or electoral district realignment, voter registration, and election procedures

·         plan, organize, and supervise a large temporary staff in various phases of voter registration and election procedures, including electoral district realignment


Board of Ethics Position


·         conducts training, outreach and information sessions to a variety of audiences

·         analyze and apply public integrity laws and regulations to assess compliance

·         conduct research and determine appropriate research methods utilizing current research techniques

·         prepare clear and accurate summaries and reports based on investigative findings


MINIMUM ACCEPTABLE TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE (The following statement represents the minimum training and experience standards which will be used to admit or reject applicants for tests.  Applications submitted by candidates for this class will be reviewed based on training and experience requirements as approved on 8/17.)




            Completion of two years of coursework at an accredited college or university.





Option 1:




            One year of experience performing administrative duties dealing with the conduct of elections.





            One year of specialized clerical experience in the City Commissioner’s Office with primary responsibility for processing campaign expense reports or referencing Pennsylvania campaign expense laws.




Option 2




            Two years of trainee level experience maintaining and reviewing documents for compliance with lobbying, campaign finance, financial disclosure and other public integrity laws for the Board of Ethics.




                        Any equivalent combination of education and experience determined to be acceptable by the Office of Human Resources.


NOTE: Completion of a Bachelors degree at an accredited college or university can be substituted for one year of the required general experience.      


NOTE: Selective Factor Certification may be utilized, as needed, to fill specific positions. In accordance with Civil Service Regulation 11.032 - Selective Factor Certification – the appointing authority may request certification of eligible candidates with the specified experience to fill specific positions in this class. Certification to fill such position will be made from the two highest ranking eligible candidates on the eligible list who possess the specified qualification.




            Ability to physically perform the duties and to work in the environmental conditions required of a position in this class.


Class Established : 11/80

Spec. Revision: 10/89

CSC - 4/13; Ad. Board – 5/13

Spec. Revision:

CSC – 5/15; Ad. Board – 6/15

Latest Spec. Revision:

CSC – 6/17; Ad. Board – 8/17