PAY RANGE: EP14







            This is community liaison and technical work assisting in the development, coordination, and management of departmental initiatives that utilize volunteer services programs and community groups.  Employees in this class participate in recruiting, training and evaluating volunteers for a variety of departmental functions, or city programs.  Employees in the park environmental assignment perform work with volunteer groups engaged in sustaining and restoring natural environmental areas and parks within the city.  Employees in the water environmental assignment perform community liaison work explaining the impact and projections of various environmental initiatives on resident homes and neighborhoods are a primary aspect of the work.  All positions monitor the operation of volunteer programs to assure that volunteers and volunteer organizations are in compliance with departmental regulations and operational standards to assure that departmental needs are being met.  All positions work closely with community groups, volunteer agencies, and individual volunteers to implement volunteer programs are significant aspects of the work.  Work is performed under the direction of an administrative superior. 


ALLOCATING FACTORS:  (The following conditions must be met for a position to be allocated to this class.)


            Employees in this class must perform community liaison or technical work that assists in the development, coordination and manage­ment of departmental initiatives that utilize volunteer services program and community groups




            Participates in the recruitment, evaluation, selection and training of volunteers for departmental volunteer programs; speaks to community groups and service organizations to inform them of departmental volunteer programs and to encourage them to provide services for these programs.

            Interviews interested volunteers to determine their aptitudes, abilities, experience, and other qualifications; orients volunteers and informs them of departmental rules and regulations; conducts tours of facilities for students and other volunteers; answers questions of volunteers on departmental operations.

            Monitors volunteer performance to determine if they are providing the services for which they were selected; recommends to volunteers methods or procedures that will enhance the effectiveness of the volunteer program.

            Prepares volunteer services newsletter; prepares and coordinates volunteer articles for publication describing the various departmental volunteer programs; coordinates volunteer recognition ceremony/program; selects nominees for volunteer awards or recognition program.

            Maintains records of active and potential volunteers; prepares written reports on volunteer service projects or activities; maintains contact with various volunteer organizations.

            Performs related work as required.




            Performs the above duties specifically related to sustaining and restoring environmental areas with the City’s municipal system, including reclamation, re-planting, removal of invasive plants and trash.




            Meets with neighborhood community members, civic organizations and  departmental  engineers and consultants regarding Green City projects;  explains  Green City initiatives projected for a community to the affected city residents and homeowners;   uses visual references to explain the projected change for a neighborhood; attends community meetings for Green City Project initiatives; 

            Recruits Philadelphia homeowners to participate and agree to using new stormwater plans;   meets with Philadelphia homeowners to explain stormwater plan costs, timeline for completion.

            Attends Stormwater Management Practices training; trains volunteers in the community on conducting stream assessments; uses Google maps or GIS mapping to identify properties near a streams to determine eligibility for the Backyard Buffer Program.






·         the functions and techniques of volunteer work programs

·         community and service organizations, colleges and universities, and other sources of volunteer workers

·         methods and techniques used in preparing newsletters and other public informational media

·         interviewing methods and practices

·         principles and practices of urban environmental management and conservation for the park environmental services specialty.

·         Green City Projects initiatives

·         Stormwater Management Practices

·         methods for conducting Visual Stream assessments




·         speaking effectively before public groups

·         training community volunteers




·         learn departmental rules and regulations

·         assess needs for volunteer services

·         conduct interviews and recruit qualified volunteers

·         prepare volunteer articles and reports for publication

·         learn the community resources and the local volunteer civic and social organizations

·         establish and maintain effective working relationships with volunteers, departmental personnel, community groups, and the general public

·         present ideas effectively, both orally and in writing

·         disseminate information about city programs and Green City and other environmental projects affecting neighborhoods


MINIMUM ACCEPTABLE TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE  (The following statement represents the minimum training and experience standards which will be used to admit or reject applicants for tests.  Applications submitted by candidates for this class will be reviewed based on training and experience requirements as approved on 2/13.)




            Completion of a bachelor's degree program at an accredited college or university.





            One year of paid experience implementing a volunteer services program involving community organizations and individuals.




            One year of volunteer services experience in sustaining and restoring environmental areas within a large municipal park system.




            One year of experience performing community liaison work that includes community meetings explaining environmental projects to city residents in affected Philadelphia neighborhoods.




            Any equivalent combination of education and experience determined to be acceptable by the Office of Human Resources which has included the completion of two years of study in an accredited college or university as the educational minimum.




            Ability to physically perform the duties and to work in the environmental conditions required of a position in this class.




            Possession of a valid proper class motor vehicle operator's license as issued by the Common­wealth of Pennsylvania prior to appointment and during tenure of employment, if required by work assignment.


Class Established - 11/83


Latest Spec. Revision:

CSC – 1/13

Ad. Board – 2/13