††††††††††† This is management level public human resources work in the Cityís central human resources agency planning, developing and managing the delivery of hiring services to meet the workforce needs of client departments. An employee in this class is responsible for identifying, planning, and implementing ongoing improvements to the City's hiring processes and ensuring that activities meet professional human resources standards. Work includes recommending changes in policies and procedures to provide for more efficient administration of the merit system, seeing that goals are met, and resolving difficult problem areas. Employees are expected to resolve problems that arise in the normal course of the work. Employees supervise professional and support staff and are responsible for the successful performance and development of a team. An employee in this class may be assigned to manage a hiring team, or the technical specialist function or the strategic staffing function. Work is performed under the direction of the Deputy Director of Human Resources for Hiring Services.† Under managerial direction, the employee has personal accountability for carrying out the work objectives of an organizational unit or section within the scope of established guidelines and the mission of the department.




All Positions


Knows the mission of the City and the organizational structure and functions its departments and agencies; knows the mission policies, procedures, rules, and regulations of the Office of Human Resources; provides regular communication to subordinate staff and higher-level managers regarding status of function and operations; responds to subordinatesí inquiries, providing guidance and interpretation regarding application of the organizationís policies, procedures, standards and technical matters; discusses and resolves day-to-day issues regarding organizational policies, practices, programs and projects; seeks information, clarification, approvals and actions from higher-level managers; explains and defends the organizationís decisions, actions, and/or recommendations to others internally and externally to increase understanding, gain cooperation and/or encourage compliance.

Participates in strategic short-term and long-range division planning; works with senior management of the department to develop plans and strategies to improve quality of work products and provision of service; reviews and recommends streamlining and/or updating of policies, procedures, and practices; demonstrates continuous effort to improve operations, decrease turnaround times, streamline work processes, and work cooperatively and jointly to provide quality seamless customer service; understands and uses technology to continuously improve division services; prepares effective written communications and oral presentations designed to educate, explain, and/or persuade; develops and conducts training programs in human resources functions as assigned.

Understands and appropriately applies procedures, requirements, regulations, and policies related to specialized expertise and maintains credibility with others on technical matters;

Assigns and prioritizes subordinates' work to provide the most efficient and timely service to City departments and agencies; ensures that staff prepares comprehensive records, reports, and documentation that complies with standards and requirements; provides technical expertise to staff;† establishes section and staff work programs and objectives; reviews subordinates' work to ensure technical competence and adherence to regulations, policies, procedures, practices and standards; returns assignments with recommendations for proper completion; develops processes designed to support a continuous learning environment;† trains new staff members in techniques and methodologies, orients staff with appropriate laws, policies, regulations, and procedures, and ensures that work conforms to standards, regulations, and laws; assigns work to provide developmental opportunities for staff; arranges outside training for subordinates when required.

Manages performance and prepares performance reports for analysts and support staff; coaches, mentors, and challenges staff;† documents performance, provides performance feedback, and formally evaluates the work of employees; provides employee coaching and counseling for career development; identifies potential problems in employee performance and behavior and take appropriate action; documents causes for disciplinary action and initiates progressive discipline when needed;†

Develops metrics and reporting formats to track the status of requests, the effectiveness and efficiency of hiring services programs and activities and to measure hiring services performance; directs the tracking, recording and analysis of performance data; prepares statistical and narrative reports documenting activities.

Establishes and maintains contact with a diverse group of officials and administrators, union officials, employees, and human resources staff; meets with management and human resources staff of client departments regularly to determine staffing needs and to develop plans to meet those needs; resolves problems encountered during daily operations and determines standards for problem resolution including escalations from clients.

Assists in the development of the division budget; recommends allocation of division funds within proscribed guidelines; monitors expenditures to ensure adherence to the final budget.;† manages contractual services activities; reviews proposals, prepares contracts, and monitors contractor performance;

Performs related work as required.


Hiring Team Assignment


Directs a staff of analysts engaged in merit based personnel selection; assures the development and implementation of selection instruments according to professional and technical standards for selection; trains Hiring Services staff in test construction and test analysis; oversees such activities as public announce≠ment of examinations, determination of applicant eligibility, preparation, production and administration of civil service examinations, the analysis of test results, and the adjudication of appeals; analyzes examination content to determine appropriateness in testing job requirements; conducts research on test validation and test correlation as it related to job requirements and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidelines; reviews and approves raters for oral boards; reviews statistical analysis and approves the passing score cutoff for examinations; reviews test appeals and researches justification for acceptance or denial of appeal; testifies and otherwise informs appeal and review bodies about processes, procedures, policies and cases; prepares and administers sensitive examinations; investigates sensitive issues or security related cases; serves as the Applicant Tracking System liaison for the division by monitoring security, assigning passwords, troubleshooting problems, generating special reports arranges and coordinates cooperative exchanges of selection materials, training and technology with other jurisdictions. Analyzes quality of tests.

††††††††††† Receives and reviews requests from departmental managers, union officials, and Civil Service employees to review individual positions, classes, or entire occupational series; establishes priorities for beginning studies and sets time frames for their completion; evaluates conclusions and recommendations and determines proper method of implementation; determines need for specification revisions, class establishments and abolition of vacant and unused classes; reviews and approves, corrects or disapproves classification reports, allocation recommendations and proposed revisions to class specifications; meets with departmental and union representatives to resolve classification and/or pay appeals and to explain results of studies made by subordinate analysts; presents agendas at public meetings of the Civil Service Commission.


Strategic Staffing Assignment


Directs the activities of staffing specialists and support personnel engaged in the management of strategic staffing plans which incorporate recruitment, selection, classification, and compensation activities for all City departments and agencies; serves as the primary liaison with client departments and unions concerning all hiring-related requests; assigns responsibility for designated departments to staffing specialists; identifies hiring team or individual responsible for staffing projects and assigns projects to that hiring team or individual; ensures proactive and regular communication with client departments and Office of Human Resources staff concerning workforce plan status.


Technical Specialist Assignment


††††††††††† Directs the maintenance of the City classification and pay plan and pay schedules; directs and participates in classification studies that affect multiple departments, several levels within an occupation, or that are time sensitive; directs the activities of analysts from hiring teams on a project basis; supervises and participates in evaluations to determine pay rates for new classes and to resolve pay appeals for existing classes; directs the development of alternative classification and compensation systems; directs the development of alternative reward programs and performance based compensation programs; directs and participates in salary surveys; directs and participates in recruitment initiatives; analyzes and prepares reports on the effectiveness of compensation and recruitment initiatives; assembles preliminary Civil Service agenda for review by the Human Resources Director including all amendments to the classification and pay plans and revisions of Civil Service regulations; directs the processing of all approved items to the Administrative Board; directs the preparation and dissemination of notification to individual employees affected by changes.†

Directs the revision and establishment of civil service regulations; confers with the Law Department to review regulation changes; directs and participates in organizational and work force analysis; directs and participates in surveys of practices of other organizations; recommends changes to City programs, policies, procedures and regulations; prepares procedures and policies as needed; directs preparation of presentations for a variety of audiences and makes presentations






                     Human resource management principles and best practices.

                     Standard practices and current developments in classification, compensation, organizational analysis, selection, recruitment, training, and labor relations, as required by job assignment.

                     Policy, procedures and regulations governing the civil service merit system.

                     City of Philadelphia Home Rule Charter

                     City of Philadelphia Civil Service regulations

                     Structure and functions of City of departments and agencies which comprise city government

                     Operational and human resources analysis required to evaluate, revise and develop staffing plans and services for client departments.

                     Labor contracts and arbitration awards affecting hiring services

                     Federal and state legislation relevant to hiring and compensation.

                     EEOC guidelines and court decisions related to equal employment opportunity.

                     Strategic and long range planning principles, practices and techniques.

                     Supervisory principles, practices and procedures, including performance management.

                     Automated applicant tracking and test development systems.

                     Applied psychology as related to selection for the hiring team assignment.

                     Test development and administration for the hiring team assignment.

                     Professional and legal standards for employment selection for the hiring team assignment.

                     Hay evaluation system for technical specialist assignment.

                    Salary surveys for technical specialist assignment.

                    Alternative rewards and performance based compensation for the technical specialist assignment.

                    Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) for the technical specialist assignment.

                    Basic statistics.

                    Job analysis.

                    English grammar, spelling and oral communication.

                    Report writing methods and procedures.

                    Use of personal computers and relevant software packages and applications comparable to WORD, EXCEL, ACCESS and PowerPoint and the Office of Human Resources information system.




                    Ensure that activities, services, or products reflect higher management policies.

                    Interpret regulations, laws, policies and guidelines for program execution.

                    Establish policies, procedures or guidelines for program area.

                    Implement new or revised programs and policies.

                    Set deadlines for project completion.

                    Schedule work assignments, set priorities, and direct work of the staff.

                    Adjust work schedules to meet changing priorities.

                    Take corrective action when problems arise.

                    Review and make recommendations on revisions of procedures, policies and regulations, affecting programs.

                    Evaluate requests to fill positions, hire and promote employees, and revise class specifications and pay rates.

                    Work with clients to identify their expectations, set standards for services and products and integrate client expectations into the delivery of services.

                    Respond to inquiries and requests from outside the organization.

                    Interact effectively with peers, superiors, department managers and employees and union officials.

                    Communicate the organization's vision and mission to staff.

                    Inform subordinates about developments and their impact on organizational activities.

                    Explain significant goals, activities, policies, and procedures to subordinates.

                    Encourage open communication and input from employees.

                    Advise employees of performance standards.

                    Provide employee coaching and counseling for career development.

                    Control attendance and leave, including approval of sick and annual leave.

                    Create a work environment where individuals are treated fairly.

                    Identify potential problems in employee behavior and take appropriate action.

                    Promote teamwork within the organization.

                    Motivate subordinates and peers toward future goals.

                    Model high standards of honesty and integrity.

                    Keep abreast of key agency policies and priorities likely to affect the program area.

                    Maintain a high level of professional expertise.

                    Explain or justify decisions, conclusions, findings, or recommendations.

                    Persuade others to take a particular course of action or to accept findings, recommendations, changes, or alternative viewpoints.

                    Interpret and apply laws, regulations, policies, standards, or procedures to specific issues.

                    Explain non-technical and technical or other complex information orally or in writing.

                    Read and understand technical or other complex materials required for the job.

                    Implement human resources programs.

                    Resolve complaints, problems and grievances between individuals, departments and supervisors.

                    Establish and maintain effective working relationships with managers, peers, employees, union officials, and job seekers.

                    Identify and access information using the internet.

                    Gather and analyze information.

                    Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.

MINIMUM ACCEPTABLE TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE† (The following statement represents the minimum training and experience requirements that will be used to admit or reject applicants for tests.† Applications submitted by candidates for this class will be reviewed based on training and experience requirements as approved on 5/10.)




Completion of a bachelor's degree at an accredited college or university, with major course work in Human Resources, Personnel, Labor Relations, Industrial Relations, Industrial Psychology, Tests and Measurement, Public Administration, or a related area.





Six years of public human resources experience. The type and level of required experience is as follows:




Four years of public human resources experience in hiring services (examinations, classification or compensation) in a central human resources agency.† The experience must have occurred after the completion of a bachelorís degree program.





Two years of hiring services experience at the supervisory level in the central human resources agency with responsibility for supervising and participating in provision of hiring services such as classification and examinations for City civil service positions or as a technical specialist providing leadership in one of the human resources disciplines related to hiring.




Two years of experience at the supervisory level in the central human resources agency of a large government jurisdiction with responsibility for supervising provision of hiring services such as classification and examinations for civil service positions.




Any equivalent combination of education and experience determined to be acceptable by the Office of Human Resources that has included a bachelorís degree.


Preferred Education: Masterís Degree in Business Administration, Public Administration, Industrial Psychology or a closely related field.


Preferred Certification:† Certified Compensation Professional (CCP) for the technical specialist assignment.


NOTES:††††††††† A master's degree in of the areas named above may be substituted for one year of general experience.† The preferred certification may be substituted for one year of general experience.




Ability to physically perform the duties and to work in the environmental conditions required of City human resource positions.


Class Established: CSC: 3/99; Ad Board: 4/99

Spec. Revision: CSC: 2/07; Ad Board: 4/07

Spec. Revision and Consolidation with 2H04 and 2H23: CSC: 3/09: Ad Board: 4/09

Latest Spec. Revision: CSC: 4/10: Ad Board: 5/10