PAY RANGE: EP23






            This is advanced project management and analysis work in the Department of Human Services Division of Performance Management and Accountability, Finance Division, or in the Project Management Office of the Administration and Management Division. Employees in this class supervise staff performing data analysis work and interns and may be allocated to one of three assignments: Continuous Process Improvement, Performance and Outcome Measures, or Revenue Analysis and Management. The employees in this class facilitate the review of processes or performance and outcome measures across the entire agency, and coordinate the development and implementation of new methods and systems to improve overall agency performance in the area of assignment.  A significant aspect of the work includes working with executives and upper management of all divisions to review operational processes and implement improvements, as well as acting as a consultant for executive level agency personnel in the implementation of performance management initiatives.  Work requires the utilization of data analysis methodology, process improvement methodology, and/or project management principles. Work is performed under the general direction of an administrative superior.




·                     Positions in this class must perform advanced project management and analysis work.

·                     Positions must supervise lower level staff performing data analysis work.

·                     Positions performing the Continuous Process Improvement or Performance and Outcome Measures assignments must be located in the Department of Human Services Division of Performance Management and Accountability or in the Project Management Office of the Administration and Management Division.

·                     Positions performing the Revenue Analysis and Management assignment must be located in the Department of Human Services Finance Division.






            Participates in the analysis of operations and administrative processes or outcome measures for the Department of Human Services operating divisions pertaining to the area of assignment; investigates performance, operational problems, and data issues; identifies and provides recommendations for starting new or expanding upon existing continuous improvement projects/ programs or outcome measures.

            Manages and facilitates projects/ initiatives; determines scope of project; develops schedules, milestones, and timelines for project completion; ensures achievement of agency and divisional objectives; leads the project team members in the implementa­tion of these improvements.

            Supervises lower level staff performing data analysis work and interns engaged in data collection, review and analysis in assigned functional area; trains lower level analysts/ interns and reviews work for accuracy and completion.

            Develops performance metrics to monitor and evaluate project post completion and authors action plans to address performance issues; prepares a variety of periodic and special reports pertaining to the assignment area.    

            Performs related work as required.




            Prepares presentation data and materials for citywide PhillyStat or related sessions to be given by agency Commissioner and executives; represents superiors at various city and state committee meetings.

            Leads and indirectly supervises Continuous Improvement project team members to meet required deliverables, obtaining information from business experts across the agency and system; prepares status updates for reporting out to executive level staff and monitoring of improvement implementations.

            Assists in the implementation of agency-wide performance management systems or initiatives.

            Monitors and tracks key performance measures at various levels throughout the agency; facilitates proactive problem solving strategy discussions with division executives.




            Manages the Outcome Measures project; leads and indirectly supervises the Outcome Measures tracking process to meet required deliverables, obtaining information from various data systems and integrating data; prepares status updates for reporting out to the executive level staff.

            Leads other data analysts in learning and using the new web-based child management data system, LIBERA.

            Facilitates the data work of the department with other city agencies.




            Directs data analysis, quality assurance, reporting, and training related to the administrative, accounting, and collection processes required for Title IV-E and/or TANF funds and/or accounts payable for adoption assistance, Subsidized Permanent Legal Custodians (SPLC), and foster care maintenance claims; implements changes to related billing and invoicing systems and related initiatives; assists in the implementation of performance management systems or initiatives of the Finance Division; may facilitate proactive problem solving strategy discussions with division managers or executives.

            Creates invoicing documents and standard operating procedures for Title IV-E Foster Care services; monitors and tracks key performance measures; implements and maintains tracking, reporting, analysis, and other MIS tools including the master invoicing log; monitors active contracts; serves as Quality Assurance liaison to the Pennsylvania Office of Children Youth and Families; directs Random Moment Time Study (RMTS), Process Improvement Plan (PIP), Plan of Correction responses, and similar evaluation activities as required.

            Directs and monitors the tracking of billable services; reviews provider rate documentation; analyzes and projects billing and fiscal trends.








·                     organizational structure and functions of the Department of Human Services and city government

·                     regulations, mandates, and procedures governing decision making within assigned functional area

·                     principles, methods and techniques for data collection, analysis and report writing

·                     the design, methodology and techniques of program evaluation

·                     current trends and best practices in project and performance management proprietary software/tools used within the Department of Human Services

·                     computer software applications, such as spreadsheets, databases, and word processing applicable to the  area of assignment

·                     current trends and best practices in project and performance management




·                     third-party billing and invoicing procedures for the Title IV-E and TANF programs

·                     the regulations and guidelines affecting fiscal activity in human service pro­grams as imposed by governmental regulatory agencies and third-party revenue sources

·                     the principles and practices of budget formulation, evaluation and administration for human service programs

·                     the principles and techniques of developing and maintaining cost and performance statis­tics

·                     the principles and practices of public administration and their application to a large centralized third-party billing operation






·                     the use of Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access

·                     the use of Esperant, Cognos, FACTS  FACTS2, or other software applicable to the area of assignment




·                     Reviewing and analyzing rate documentation, per diem rates, and related fiscal information submitted by contracted service providers




·                     direct and/or coordinate the activities of a project team for the duration of a project

·                     plan, assign, and supervise the work of lower level analysts/interns engaged in data collection, review, and analysis

·                     analyze complex organizational and procedural problems involving work production, business process flow, data systems, and staff utilization

·                     prepare and interpret a variety of reports, charts, process maps, action plans, and other materials

·                     enlist the cooperation of upper management in implementing policy and procedural changes

·                     plan and conduct research applicable to the area of assignment

·                     present ideas effectively, both orally and in writing

·                     establish and maintain effective working relationships with associates, departmental officials and outside consultants

·                     utilize project management software such as Visio and MS Project as applicable to the area of assignment


MINIMUM ACCEPTABLE TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE  (The following statement represents the minimum training and experience standards which will be used to admit or reject applicants for tests.  Applications submitted by candidates for this class will be reviewed based on training and experience requirements as approved on 7/13.)




            Completion of a bachelor's degree program at an accredited college or university.





            Three years of experience planning, evaluating, and monitoring social service programs and control systems, and/or performing research activities related to social service programs.





            Two years of experience performing data analysis and project management work for the Department of Human Services, establishing internal outcome and performance measures and agency process improvement initiatives including one year of experience in one of the following:


  1. Preparing PhillyStat data analysis and presentations.
  2. Preparing outcome measure presentations for external stakeholders.

C.  Projecting trends for future Title-IV-E Foster Care agency revenues.           




            Any equivalent combination of training and experience which has included a bachelor's degree as the educational minimum and which has been determined to be acceptable by the Office of Human Resources.


NOTE:            Possession of a master's degree in public administration, business administration, political science, governmental administration, industrial management, industrial engineering, or social science may be substituted for one year of the general experience requirement.




            Ability to physically perform the duties and to work in the environmental conditions required of a position in this class.


NOTE:            Selective Factor Certification may be utilized, as needed, to fill specific positions. In accordance with Civil Service Regulation 11.032 - Selective Factor Certification - the appointing authority may request certification of eligible candidates with one or more of the required degrees and/or specific experience to fill specific positions in this class. Certification to fill such positions will be made from the two highest-ranking eligible candidates on the eligible list who possess the specified degree and/or experience.

                                                                                                                          Class Established

                                                                                                                                        CSC - 5/10

                                                                                                                               Ad. Board - 7/10


Spec Revision:

CSC – 6/13

Ad. Board - 7/13


Latest Spec Revision:

CSC- 2/15

Ad. Board- 2/15