This is management level computer information systems work, planning and directing, through subordinate supervisors and administrators, technical support staff and consultants, vendors and contractors, the activities of a departmental information system which includes a telecommunications network of interconnected in-house and field site workstations and a multiple vendor hardware and software component.

An employee in this class directs a group of network administrative, technical, and support personnel engaged in the development, installation, monitoring, and maintenance of the network's hardware and software components which include such elements, as network servers, workstations, peripherals, hubs, bridges, routers, network and workstation operating systems, and utilities, communications and applications software. Work includes supervision of a departmental information system programming component in which computer programming personnel are engaged in in-house systems design and application development activities interfacing with the City's central computing agency's mainframe computing system and who work with the department's network administrators to determine and develop network applications and program requirements that are either mainframe, client server or network-based. This class is differentiated from the next lower level supervisory class by the responsibility for development of the department's information system technology, and maintaining efficient operation of the department's entire information management system that includes network workstations located at multiple remote department worksites and a multiple vendor hardware and software component. Maintaining and synchronizing staffing expertise, hardware and software versions and releases in line with an overall strategic computing plan; insuring overall network security and availability; and, establishing and implementing computing policy, processes, procedures and training programs are significant aspects of the work. Work is performed under the general direction of an administrative superior.

ALLOCATING FACTORS: (The following conditions must be met for a position to be allocated to this class.)


Plans and directs, through subordinate LAN/WAN supervisors, technical support staff and consultants, the network activities of the department's entire network system; supervises a systems development component composed of programmer analysts and consultants who perform systems development and, in addition, work in concert with network personnel in determining and meeting user telecommunication and data management requirements through either the mainframe of the City's central computing agency or in-house host systems.

Confers with department managers to determine computing and information management requirements; develops plans and strategies to meet the information management needs of the department; develops plans and proposals to analyze and upgrade the existing systems; determines which applications can best satisfy department computing requirements; determines departmental computing policies and procedures; directs installation and start up of new or revised software; directs periodic testing of system and programs; confers with central computing agency managers and designated technical specialists to establish access to mainframe data and to insure provision of support to the department; directs, through subordinates, the activities of contracted consultants; prepares contract specifications and requests for proposals for lease or purchase and maintenance of hardware or software; participates in interview and selection of vendors.

Directs the maintenance of and enhancements to departmental systems that include analyzing user needs, planning required systems and program development activities, project management, program specifications, file design, meeting governmental reporting requirements, and addressing end user requests.

Assigns systems development projects and other related system responsibilities to programmer analysts and support staff through subordinate program analyst supervisors; prepares detailed technical instructions for general and network systems analyses and programming assignments; explains project objectives, requirements and timeframes for completion; provides assistance during projects; reviews modules prepared by subordinates; directs the development and presentation of preliminary recommendations to users; discusses recommendations and makes appropriate revisions.

Insures delivery of computer services to the department within allocated cost and schedule and within budget.

Projects future needs of departmental network enhancements for user planning strategies and information system development; confers with and recommends to superiors the most appropriate software and hardware purchases to support the network; prepares cost comparisons of equipment and software considered for purchasing; directs subordinates to utilize software to monitor usage and test file servers and communication devices and ensures that response time is within acceptable limits; reviews reports prepared by subordinates on network status and presents performance statistics at meetings; directs troubleshooting and diagnoses of PC operating system malfunctions and resolution.

Meets with LAN/WAN Administrators and department managers to determine future network needs and personal computer usage; studies past and current trends; develops departmental disaster recovery plans.

Directs support staff to diagnose unusual or difficult network problems, perform circuit traces, failure detection and diagnosis; reviews findings and determines best approach for service restoration and network repairs.

Approves configuration of proposed network for compatibility with existing departmental installations, conformance with central agency guidelines, and network access to host based applications; confers with support staff to devise plans for major network installation projects.

Oversees departmental system security through direction of technical support staff involving changes in file server configurations, modems, routers, and various other telecommunication devices; meets with departmental officials to discuss security needs; directs subordinate staff to implement security changes.

Ensures, through subordinate network administrators, the availability of all departmental networks; coordinates the customization, installation, and maintenance of systems and security software; reviews progress and monitoring reports to improve departmental network efficiency.

Periodically meets with support staff to review departmental network status and determine future requirements, including acquisition, installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and monitoring of all network hardware and software; determines feasibility of possible solutions and incorporates them into overall department network plan.

Provides administrative direction to the departmental network administrators related to system internet connection; confers with staff of the city's central computing center to insure that appropriate coordination of departmental network system enhancements and internet activities are in line with the overall City network plan; insures the quality of database information; directs the identification of problem areas and procedural changes.

Ensures technical support staff receives suitable training and stays abreast of recent developments in network technology; insures that users are properly trained in the existing and modified network and user access methods and techniques.

Performs related work as required.


(The following statement represents the minimum training and experience standards which will be used to admit or reject applicants for tests. Applications submitted by candidates for this class will be reviewed based on training and experience requirements as approved on 4/07.)


Network Administrator
Information Systems Group Manager
Systems Analyst 4
Water Information Center Manager
Systems Programmer Supervisor
Programmer Analyst Supervisor
Departmental Computer Services Supervisor


Ability to physically perform the duties and to work in the environmental conditions required of a position in this class.

NOTE: Employees with permanent status in the classes listed below as of 8/23/89 can substitute extra experience as specified above for the required education.

Programmer Analyst Trainee
Programmer Analyst 1
Programmer Analyst 2
Programmer Analyst 3
Programmer Analyst Project Leader
Programmer Analyst Supervisor
Departmental Computer Services Supervisor 1
Departmental Computer Services Supervisor 2
Systems Analyst 4


Class Established:
CSC: 8/95, Ad Board: 12/95

Latest Spec. Revision
CSC: 11/06, Ad Board: 4/07