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I’ve been offered an honorarium to speak in my official capacity

Section 1103(d) of the State Ethics Act flatly prohibits receipt of honoraria by City officials and employees – not surprising, since you should not use your government position to secure a monetary benefit for yourself. So decline nicely, and here’s a note you can use to do so:

Sometimes, however, the person/organization offering the honorarium suggests that the honorarium could be donated to a charity of the official’s choice. Because the official would still be able to exercise control over the money, that’s also not permitted.  Plaques and small tokens of de minimis economic impact are excluded from the definition of honorarium.

How Do I Handle...

IntegrityWorks offers guidance for commonly asked questions described below. These are not the only situations in which ethics rules would apply; they are simply the most common ones. Other guidance may be added to this site as situations warrant.

These are general guidelines. Because each situation presents its own set of facts, this general guidance isn’t advice on which you can legally rely. If you want to be absolutely sure that your conduct complies with applicable ethics laws, you should seek advice before taking action.