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City of Philadelphia

Citizenship and Civic Engagement

Citizenship & Naturalization 

Achieving citizenship provides immigrants with the opportunity to fully participate in our nation’s civic life. It provides the ability to vote, travel freely, and access to the full array of government supports and resources. Citizenship is also correlated with higher wages and better employment opportunities.
The National Partnership for New Americans estimates that there are approximately 50,000 immigrants in Philadelphia who are eligible to naturalize but have not yet done so, primarily because they lack information about the process; access to high quality legal services that are affordable; and cannot afford the fees and expenses of the naturalization process.

Philadelphia has joined the national Cities fo Citizenship Campaign. Through this initiative, MOIMA will convene community leaders, city agencies, faith-based groups, immigrant rights groups, etc, to set a roadmap for a comprehensive citizenship campaign that seeks to scale up naturalization efforts.

Immigration Services Consumer Information

It is extremely important that you do not become a victim of immigration services fraud. Learn more about notario fraud and how to find authorized professionals that can assist you with naturalization applications and other immigration-related needs. Philadelphia has an ordinance that protects consumers against immigration services fraud.  For more information, visit:
Federal Trade Commission

US Citizenship and Immigration Services

PA is Ready - Inofrmation of Presiden'ts Obama Executive Action on Immiration.

Philadelphia Ordinance Against Immigration Services Fraud



Philadelphia's New Americans Tour

Becoming a U.S. citizen is a dream fulfilled, but one that takes a lot of hard work. Studying history books isn’t the only way to prepare for the U.S. citizenship test. Dozens of answers to the citizenship test questions can be found right here in Philadelphia, where so many key historic events took place. 

A self-guided tour created by VISIT PHILADELPHIA® and the Mayor’s Office for Immigrants and Multicultural Affairs gives an insider’s look at the people, places and events that shaped the United States. For more information on these historic sites and many others, go to 

Download Self-Guided Tour Brochure: