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Jennifer Rodriguez
Executive Director
(t) 215-686-0876

Fernando Trevino
Deputy Executive Director
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Patience Koroma
Program Manager
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City Hall Room 110
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Welcome to Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love. From its inception, Philadelphia has been a welcoming place to people from many walks of life. Our country was built by immigrants and our strength as a City continues to be reinforced by our vibrant diversity.

In recent years, Philadelphia has re-emerged as a regional center of cultural diversity, with an increasing population attributable in part to newcomers from around the world. According to the Metropolitan Policy Program at the Brookings Institute, "Among its peer regions, Metropolitan Philadelphia has the largest and fastest growing immigrant population" which now 12% of the total population.
On March 7, 2013 Mayor Michael Nutter created the Office of Immigrant and Multicultural Affairs for the purpose of ensuring the well-being of immigrants and other groups by providing access to city services; engaging stakeholders in the development of economic resources, promoting civic participation and assisting with educational opportunities and access.

• To ensure that immigrants can easily access city resources and services;
• To maximize immigrants’ skills and contributions in the city’s economy;
• To ensure that immigrants and other cultural/ethnic groups receive fair and equal treatment;
• To help immigrants fully engage in the civic and social fabric of the city; and
• To leverage immigrants’ unique position to attract foreign investments that will boost the city’s growth.
• To promote the use of city services by immigrant Philadelphians and other cultural minorities;
• To convene immigrant communities and key stakeholders in order to develop, support and encourage collaboration and strategic partnerships among city departments and relevant communities;
• To consult and provide technical assistance within city government and community partners, and to serve as a key resource in matters related to immigrants and other cultural minorities; and
• To highlight the contribution of immigrants and their legacy by collaborating and coordinating programs and events.
• Citizenship Campaign- Promotes civic engagement and full integration into Philadelphia’s social, economic and civic life.
• Immigrant Heritage- Promotes openness through the celebration of immigrant contributions and Philadelphia’s diversity.
• Community Dialogues- Promotes community safety by building trust.
• Communications Infrastructure- Helps improve relationships between government, stakeholders, and immigrant groups.
• Language Access- Lowers barriers to immigrant participation and access to programs and services.
• MOIMA Steering Committee- Helps guide policy and ensures communication between government and underrepresented groups.