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City of Philadelphia

Cultural Passport: Multicultural Passport to PHL

From September 15th through the 22nd, MOIMA will be hosting Philadelphia’s first Welcoming Week, themed xCultural (Multicultural) Passport to PHL
National Welcoming Week will be celebrated by cities all across the country in order to promote an open, friendly, and hospitable environment for immigrants and people of all backgrounds. The goal is to promote diversity and immigrant integration as a strategy for a stronger city, region and country.

We want to highlight Philadelphia as a place where both newcomers and long-time residents feel appreciated, have access to resources and opportunities, and ultimately, a place where they want to invest in and are happy to call home. For both, U.S.-born and foreign-born residents, this week will provide an opportunity to explore other cultures and develop a deeper appreciation for one another. With the help of our partners, MOIMA will fill the xCultural Passport to PHL Week with diverse activities and events to take place throughout the city.

Our goal is to make it possible for residents to experience the world and build relationships with people from diverse backgrounds without having to leave our “City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection”.