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Office of Food Protection

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Laws and Regulations

Philadelphia has several local laws and regulations designed to protect the public from the health risks of certain foods and food business practices. Each of the measures below helps to ensure the safety of people who consume food and beverages prepared outside their own homes.

For more information about food-related laws and regulations in Philadelphia, please call (215) 685-7495.


Philadelphia Food Establishment Regulations
The purpose of Philadelphia's food regulations is to safeguard public health and ensure that consumers are provided food that is safe, unadulterated and honestly presented.

Clean Indoor Air Worker Protection Law
According to the US Surgeon General, there is no safe level of secondhand smoke. Philadelphia's Clean Indoor Air Worker Protection Law makes indoor and outdoor spaces of most bars, restaurants and other food businesses 100% smoke-free. 

Menu Labeling Law 
Philadelphia's Menu Labeling Law requires chain restaurants and retail food establishments with more than 15 locations nationwide to post nutrition information for the food and drinks they sell.

Trans Fats Law
Trans fats are among the most unhealthy foods we can eat.  Most Philadelphia restaurants, caterers, mobile vending units and other food businesses are prohibited by law from using artificial trans fats. 

Outdoor Public Serving of Food Regulation
Philadelphia has a strong network of people and organizations working to reduce hunger.  A Board of Health regulation helps to ensure that food provided outdoors to members of the public is always safe to eat.

Alcohol and Pregnancy Sign Regulation
According to the US Surgeon General, there is no known safe amount of alcohol to drink while pregnant.  Businesses that serve alcoholic beverages in Philadelphia are required to post a sign informing patrons of the health risks of drinking alcohol while pregnant.