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Fernhill Park


Wissahickon And Roberts Avenues

Philadelphia, PA 19144

Phone: (215) 685 - 2197


Status: Open



This park has two basketball courts, two sports fields, three ballfields and three tennis courts. The parcel was originally part of the estate of Louis Clapier who emigrated from the West Indies in 1796.

Following Clapier's death in 1838, the property purchased by Henry Pratt McKean, onto which he built his residence "Fernhill."

A small house at the corner of Wissahickon Ave. and Roberts Ave., referred to as Crossan House (c. 18th century), was demolished in 2008.

Pratt estate was presented to Fairmount Park Commision in December 1913.

Despite strenuous opposition of community, Fernhill park was bisected into "upper" and "lower" parks by the Roosevelt Expressway in the 1950s.

Much of the park is a slope known as the "Fall Line" separating the Coastal Plain from the Piedmont Plain, the latter extending to the Appalachian mountains.

4680 Morris Street, in the upper park, was slated for demolition but sold to private citizen. The lower park includes two ballfields and a playground. Tennis courts, ballfield and two basketball courts are located in the upper park.


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