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Survivors and Witnesses of Homicide
The Victim/Witness Coordinators of the Homicide Unit in the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office are committed to providing assistance to commonwealth witnesses and co-victims of homicide. If you need assistance related to a homicide case please call (215) 686-8936 or (215) 686-8065 or (215) 686- 8075, or email You may also contact the District Attorney’s Office Homicide Unit at (215) 686-8041.
Victim Assistance Officer
Philadelphia Police Department, Homicide Unit
700 Race Street
Philadelphia, PA 19105
(215) 686-3065
Families of Murder Victims
Three South Penn Square
12th Floor
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 686-8033
Anti-Violence Partnership
2000 Hamilton ST, Suite 304
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 567-6776

If you have information about someone involved in the commission of a homicide, please call The Philadelphia Police Department Homicide Unit at (215) 686-3334.