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It is the mission of the Victim/Witness Services Unit of the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office to advocate on behalf of all crime victims and witnesses in Philadelphia. We provide direct assistance from the time of arrest through the disposition of a case and afterward as needed. The Victim/Witness Services Unit strives to help victims and witnesses understand their rights under the law, exercise these rights, and receive compassionate and respectful treatment.

Overview of services provided to crime victims and witnesses:

  • Information about the criminal justice system
  • Case information and notifications
  • Accompaniment to court proceedings upon request
  • Availability of secure Victim/Witness Services Unit Waiting Rooms
  • Assistance with completing written and oral Victim Impact Statements
  • Assistance accessing services that help address financial losses associated with crime, including restitution and victims’ compensation
  • Assistance with harassment/intimidation
  • Courtroom orientation for children who need to testify in court
  • Assistance with registration for victim notification services
  • Referrals to supportive services outside of the District Attorney’s Office

VVictim/Witness Services Unit contact information.
If you have a question, concern, or grievance, please call the telephone number that corresponds with your case. These numbers can be found on the back of the subpoena that you received in the mail. If you are unsure who to contact, please call the Victim/Witness Services Unit main number at (215) 686-8027 or e-mail