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Victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Child Abuse
If you or a child in your care are a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, or child abuse committed by an adult, your case will be assigned to the Family Violence Sexual Assault Unit (FVSA). This unit staffs experienced prosecutors, paralegals, victim advocates, and detectives. If you are a victim of a juvenile offender, please refer to the Victims of Juvenile Offenders and Juvenile Victims of Adult Offenders section.

A case is considered domestic violence when the victim and offender are related through blood or marriage, or are associated by current or former partnership. “Domestic violence” is not a specific type of crime; any crime may be considered domestic violence if it occurs between people who are associated in one of these ways.

Sexual assault is any inappropriate sexual contact between a victim and offender whether there is a prior relationship or not. This may include incidents involving spouses, intimate partners, children, and strangers.

Child abuse is physical or sexual abuse against a child committed by an adult or another child.

If you need information about a current or disposed domestic violence, sexual assault, or child abuse case handled by the FVSA Unit, please call the Family Violence and Sexual Assault Unit at (215) 686-8096 or e-mail