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Second-Year Law Student Program
Our Second-Year Law Student Internship is a ten-week program designed to give second-year law students maximum exposure to the practical aspects of the prosecutor's role in the Criminal Justice/Juvenile Justice System in Philadelphia. This is accomplished by allowing second-year interns, who are certified, to try their own cases in Municipal or Family Court. Interns have an opportunity to rotate through at least two units in the office.

One rotation is spent in a Pre-Trial or Trial Division Unit such as one of the Trial Bureaus, Motions or Juvenile court, where the interns will have the opportunity to prepare and prosecute a number or their own cases.

Other rotations vary but will usually be in another Trial Division Unit. Interns undergo an intense one week training period consisting of lectures, seminars and courtroom observations. Arrangements are also made for interns to tour the prisoner detention facility, observe formal lineups, and tour the criminalistics and ballistics laboratories at the Police Administration Building.

The District Attorney’s Office regards the summer Legal Internship Program as an Important (but not the exclusive) recruiting tool for full-time employees. It is our usual practice, however, to fill a substantial number of our vacant full-time positions through the Legal Internship Program.

Approximately, thirty-five percent of all Assistant District Attorneys currently on staff have participated in our Legal Internship Program, and this percentage has been increasing annually.


To apply for Second-Year Law student internship program, e-mail the following documents to

Cover Letter

*Deadline is September 20th*


Where do I send my resume and cover letter?
Resumes and cover letters should be sent to:

What else should I include with my resume and cover letter?
The initial application does not require anything else be submitted. You will be asked for additional information as the hiring process moves forward.

What is the hiring process for 2L summer interns?
The hiring process consists of two steps.

Step One - Prescreen Interview

First, you submit a resume and cover letter to the Hiring Coordinator. If you are selected, you will be contacted by an individual Assistant District Attorney to schedule a "prescreen" interview. Following the initial prescreen interview, a decision is made whether or not to refer the candidate for a full committee interview.

Step Two - Full Committee Interview

The full committee interview is a 20-minute interview with at least five members of the Hiring Committee. You will be asked to bring 6 copies of your resume, an official transcript, a photograph and a writing sample. The candidate should come to the interview prepared with all of these items. (If you order your transcript from your law school and the institution intends to forward it directly to us, please bring an unofficial copy to the interview).

What type of writing sample should I submit?
The writing sample need not be a criminal law issue. It should be writing that is 100% your work product, i.e., not edited by anyone other than you. It should also demonstrate an advocate's tone. The writing sample should be persuasive writing, rather than a bench memo, etc. A good example is a brief that you submitted for a law school course.

What are the time lines for interviews/offers for 2L hiring?
Interviews for the 2L summer intern program begin in mid-September and conclude in early/mid December. Final offers are generally made by the end of December.

How many offers are extended each year?
We hire 25 - 30 second year law students for our summer intern program (12 paid positions with a weekly stipend of $460. And the remainder are work-study positions.

What are the particulars of the 2L Summer Intern Program?
The 2L summer program consists of three 3-week rotations and a one-week training period. Students are certified to try cases and are generally assigned to at least two trial units. This program, while challenging, offers exceptional opportunities to try cases and be a real advocate for crime victims. Unlike private practice, we cannot extend offers to most or all of our "summer associates" as a matter of course. Our hiring rate from the 2nd year summer program is over a third.

If I still have questions, whom should I contact?
If you have a procedural question (such as: "Did you get my resume"; "What is my status"; "I have to change my interview time"; "Can I get directions to the office"; "I need my work/study records", etc.), please contact the Hiring Coordinator, Anna Stacey at (215) 686-5685 or If your question is more substantive (such as: "I have another offer and need to get back to someone"; " I need an extension on my offer response time", etc.), then contact the 2L Chair, Sybil Scott Murphy, /215-686-8744.

The Philadelphia District Attorney's Office is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, religion, age or disability.