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Careers in Prosecution
Associate Prosecutor Program

In October of 2010, District Attorney Seth Williams instituted an Associate Prosecutors Program, where city law firms can donate an associate attorney to work for the District Attorney’s Office for up to one year.  Given the city’s tight finances, the District Attorney’s Office has been short-staffed for the last several years.  Thus, the firms are making a very tangible contribution to improving public safety by committing their personnel to this office. 

In the short time this program has existed, these associate attorneys have already made a significant contribution to the office by handling a variety of courtroom work, including felony preliminary hearings, misdemeanor trials, domestic violence cases, and miscellaneous motions.  In turn, the associates have gained valuable courtroom experience that has assisted their professional development. 

If you are a member of a law firm that is interested in participating in this program, please call Deputy District Attorney Ed McCann at 215-686-8023 or e-mail him at