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Real Estate Auctions
The Philadelphia District Attorney's Office holds public auctions for real estate, vehicles and miscellaneous items that have been acquired through forfeiture proceedings.

Auction proceeds assist with our commitment to making Philadelphia's communities safer through anti-drug initiatives. The District Attorney's Office complies with the mandate of the Controlled Substance Forfeiture Act (42 Pa. C.S.A. sec. 6801) requiring that drug forfeiture funds be used for the enforcement of the Drug Act.

November Auction

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4231 Reese
311 W. Indiana
3224 Hurley
3254 Hartville
2012 N. Cleveland
2449 N. Colorado
522 N. 55th
419 S. 43rd
507 S. 62nd
3336 Jasper
1746 N. 26th

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