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City of Philadelphia

Right To Know


It is the policy of the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office (the
"Office") to comply with the Right to Know Act, 65 P.S. sec.67.701 et seq.,
as amended effective January 1, 2009 (the "Act"). In accordance with the
Act, the Office establishes the following procedures:

1. Requests for access to records must be submitted in writing on this form.
Oral requests for access to records will not be entertained.

2. Requests for access to records must be directed to Douglas Weck,
Open Records Officer, Civil Litigation Unit, Philadelphia District Attorney's Office,
Three South Penn Square, Philadelphia, PA 19107. If the request is directed elsewhere,
the Office will not be deemed to have received the request until the date on which
it reaches the Civil Litigation Unit.

3. The request will be processed in accordance with the Act. If the record
requested is a not a "public record" or is not subject to disclosure for
some other reason, the requester will be so notified in accordance with the

4. If, after review, it is determined that the record requested will be
provided, the requester will be charged a fee as follows: If the record is
not immediately available, the requester will be charged a fee of $25.00 to
locate the record. In addition, the requester will be assessed a copying
fee, of $.25 per page.

5. If any part of the request is denied, an appeal may be taken.
Procedures for the appeal, and to whom the appeal must be directed to, will
be detailed in the response sent from the Office.

For additional information regarding the Right To Know Policy you may Email us at