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Trial Division
The largest division in the office, the staff of the Trial Division is responsible for reviewing, charging, preparing and prosecuting most crimes committed by adults, ranging from summary offenses to homicide.
Staffed at all times, the Assistant District Attorneys determine which charges to lodge against alleged offenders within hours of arrest. They also review and approve arrest warrants and search warrants, and staff Arraignment Court.
Community Prosecution began in Philadelphia on November 1, 2010. Groups of Assistant District Attorneys are now assigned geographically to bureaus that are responsible for a particular area or district of the city, just like police officers are now assigned. These new bureaus are East Division, South Division, Northeast Division, Northwest Division, Southwest Division, and Central Division. Criminal cases will now be held on floors according to their division at the Criminal Justice Center. View Geographic Assignments ยป
Staffed by experienced Assistant District Attorneys who prosecute sexual assaults of adult victims, sexual and physical assaults against children, and violent felony crimes committed within a family or household. Most cases are prosecuted vertically, with the same prosecutor in the case from arrest to sentencing.
Staffed by the most experienced trial Assistant District Attorneys who vertically prosecute all murder, manslaughter and vehicular homicide cases.
Assistant District Attorneys litigate all appeals from the Municipal Court and Traffic Court to the Court of Common Pleas. They also prosecute summary and misdemeanor offenders in Community Court, quickly and comprehensively addressing quality of life offenses.
Victim/witness coordinators assist witnesses and victims throughout the criminal proceedings: notifying them of upcoming hearings, arranging transportation to court, providing support and guidance, and addressing issues of intimidation and harassment. The unit also assists crime victims with the filing of claims with the Pennsylvania Crime Victims Compensation Board.