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Special Operations Division
Uses a number of different approaches and tools to investigate and prosecute narcotics violations, such as electronic surveillance and federal prosecution to target major trafficking organizations.
The Assistant District Attorneys assigned to this unit are cross-designated as Special Assistant United States Attorneys to prosecute cases in federal court, and the detectives are often cross-deputized as federal agents. Emphasizes the investigation and prosecution of drug kingpins and their organizations. The Federal Alternatives to State Trials (F.A.S.T.) reviews cases for federal prosecution and prosecutes narcotics-related charges and firearms charges in federal court.
Coordinates the efforts of the local police districts, community groups, and local, state and federal agencies as it attempts to alleviate drug related nuisances all over Philadelphia. This unit uses community prosecution, civil forfeiture and nuisance laws to provide relief to neighborhoods plagued by crack houses, weed stores, and nuisance bars. In an average year P.N.T.F. responds to more than 500 complaints from members of the community concerning drug houses and nuisance bars. This unit handles all forfeiture-related litigation, the maintenance of seized assets and the investigation of potentially forfeitable assets. For more information please refer to the Public Nuisance Task Force section.
In 1997, the District Attorney's Office helped to create and implement the Philadelphia Treatment Court. Non-violent substance abusing defendants receive drug and alcohol treatment while under the strict supervision of the Treatment Court, which is presided over by a single judge. An Assistant District Attorney screens prospective defendants and participates in the treatment phase by monitoring the defendant's progress and by contributing to the decision-making process to protect the best interests of the participant and the community.
Responsible for the maintenance, installation and utilization of electronic surveillance operations for the Pennsylvania State Police, the Philadelphia Police Department and the Pennsylvania Crime Commission in addition to investigations in the District Attorney's Office.
Handles complaints from victims of misdemeanor crimes which were not witnessed by a police officer. The staff takes the complaint from the individual, and the case is then reviewed for approval. The case is referred initially to mediation, and if there is no resolution, referred to the Municipal Court for trial.
Uses our new state-of-the-art Training Center for the orientation and training of all incoming Assistant District Attorneys.