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Law Division
Represents the Commonwealth at all levels of the appellate process in both state and federal courts.
The largest appellate litigation department in Pennsylvania, representing the Commonwealth at all levels of the appellate process in both state and federal courts. It has matters before the United States Supreme Court and frequently appears before both the Third Circuit and the United States District Court. Also included within its responsibilities is the offering of advice and support to other prosecutors' offices throughout the state.
Handles civil actions arising out of criminal prosecutions, monitors subpoenas and handles other extraordinary matters, such as prison conditions litigation.
Handles every aspect of Federal Habeas Corpus litigation, frequently appearing in the Third Circuit Court, as well as the United States District Court.
Handles all proceedings under Pennsylvania's Post-Conviction Relief Act, which is a form of habeas corpus review following the direct appeal process. These proceedings include both legal argument and evidentiary hearings.
Drafts, promotes, and lobbies for effective legislation for crime prevention and the advancement of victims rights. This unit has helped to enact statutes and constitutional amendments to give prosecutors the right to a jury trial and to hold the most dangerous defendants without bail while they are awaiting trial. The members of the Legislation unit frequently travel to the state capitol in Harrisburg and testify in legislative hearings. This unit also assists the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association as legislative liaisons to the General Assembly and Governor's office.
Provides full continuing legal education programs to the entire legal staff. The courses are designed to cover topics of particular interest to prosecutors. For more information please refer to our Continuing Legal Education section.