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Juvenile Division
Establishes the paternity of children born out of wedlock, and obtains and enforces orders of support against non-custodial parents. It is a national model and has been successful in collecting millions of dollars in child support payments from deadbeat parents.
Vertically prosecutes juvenile defendants with prior criminal records and seeks to certify these defendants to the adult criminal courts.
Charges and prosecutes all arrested juveniles and special cases involving child-victims or child-witnesses. The District Attorney's approach to juvenile justice is based on the principles of Balanced and Restorative Justice, recognizing that justice is served when the community, victim and offender each receive balanced attention to their needs, seeking to restore the peace of the community that was taken by the offender when he or she committed the offense.
A juvenile diversion program that provides a community-based alternative to prosecution for first-time juvenile offenders of non-violent crimes. The offender is given the option of appearing before a panel of community volunteers rather than entering the juvenile court system. A juvenile who completes the contractual obligations imposed by the panel will avoid the stigma and possible adverse effects of a criminal record. This diversion program makes the juvenile accountable and makes him understand the seriousness of his actions and the effect that the crime has on himself, his family, and his community. There is at least one panel in each police district in the City. For more information on please refer to our Youth Aid Panel section.