South Garden Restoration and Central Cliffs Project

South Garden Restoration

The photo above is the restored fountain, which was originally powered by gravity fed water from the reservoir located at Fair Mount (current location of the Art Museum). The pumps at the Engine House (now the restaurant) pumped water to the reservoir for the supply to the City of Philadelphia by gravity as well as the fountain. The original method of pumping was run by steam engines, later converted to water wheels and finally turbines.

The Fairmount Water Works dates from 1815 and is a historic structure registered by the U.S. Secretary of the Interior as a National Historic Landmark. It has also been designated a National Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) and a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark (American Society of Civil Engineers). As such, it is a very significant structure and building for the City of Philadelphia as well as the nation. The photo below is from the Grand opening of the South Garden Restoration and Central Cliffs project. The Cliffs are the connection between the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Water Works Restaurant and Museum. The walkers are reminiscent of times past, of people strolling along the newly restored paths at the Water Works South Garden.

Central Cliffs


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