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Widener Libary - 2801 W Lehigh Ave
 Widener Library - 2801 W Lehigh Ave


Independence Library Widener Library
Philadelphia Zoo Shop Health Ctr 4
Lion House Bear Country

The Health and Human Services Team provides project management, architectural and engineering expertise for the implementation of the six year capital program for one quasi public / private agency and four City agencies. These include the Health Department, Free Library, Human Services, Office of Supportive Housing and the Philadelphia Zoo.

Our role is to work with each agency we support to assist in the planning, budget, design, construction and commissioning of projects that are funded through the capital budget for improvements to existing city buildings or the construction of new facilities. Through the Agencies we support , we find that our success has a major impact on the public and the employees that provide services to the public.

Our accomplishments provide satisfaction and pride in our knowing that we have improved the facilities that serve the public.    

Project Director: James Lowe  215.683.4422   



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