Eakin's Oval Plaza Landscape Rehab


Eakin's Oval Landscape Rehab

Phase II Landscape Rehabilitation
Total cost of project - $851,900.00

Eakins Oval Plaza is at the base of the Art Museum steps (Rocky Steps) on the east side of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The work consisted of the replacement of the existing deteriorated concrete paved plaza. The new paved surface consists of granite and concrete pavers placed in a geometrical pattern to complement the paving on the East Terrace at the top of the Art Museum steps. Around the perimeter of the pavers is an exposed aggregate concrete border, whose color matches that of the stone of the Art Museum. The new plaza has been constructed to support vehicular traffic, provide a drainage system where none previously existed and provide a tent support system for use during special events. Additional items of work included with this project are as follows: installation of new granite curbing, new street light poles and fixtures, new trench drains and storm sewer connections, new anchor supports placed throughout the plaza, replacement of portions of the concrete walk on the ramparts and selective tree removal.


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