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Family Court
 Family Court Renovation

The Central Facilities team manages capital improvement projects that support the missions of its client agencies, including the Department of Public Property, the Office of Fleet Management, and the Records Department.  In coordination with the Department of Public Property, the Central Facilities team also manages the moving of City agencies among the City’s owned and leased spaces.

The Central Facilities team also manages environmental remediation projects and asbestos and lead abatement projects that are often required by the projects of all of the other Capital Program Office teams as well as the facilities management units of the City’s operating departments.

The Central Facilities team is proud of having completed many complex and sensitive projects in the past year, including life safety work at the Municipal Services Building, security work at City Hall, bathroom renovations at City Hall, and moving District Attorney’s Office staff into the Widener Building.

Project Director: Martin Liberman  215.683.4441




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