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Center for Responsible Funding
The Cast Iron Building
718 Arch Street, 6th Floor North
Philadelphia, PA 19106

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This year, the City of Philadelphia Employees’ Combined Campaign celebrates the countless ways that City employees care for communities across Philadelphia and the region. Through volunteerism and giving in the Combined Campaign, City employees drive positive change in their own neighborhoods, in neighborhoods close by, and even in communities across the globe.
For the second year, City employees have the option to make their payroll contribution online! Last year, 18% of employees who gave to the Combined Campaign chose to donate online, this reduces the costs associated with production of materials and processing fees for the agencies.  This year we are confident we can reach and surpass the goal of having 30% of employees give through the online system.

Over its history, the Campaign has raised over $37.4 million for thousands of charities. Even in tough economic times, Philadelphia City employees continue to demonstrate their compassion through the Combined Campaign. That is why this year, with the help of caring City employees like you, we are confident that we can reach our overall goal of raising $750,000 to help support communities in need. We encourage you to look at the Contributors’ Guide and the Agency Codes Directory to find causes and agencies that you are passionate about, and to support them with a donation through the Campaign.