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Help Desk

Are my contributions tax deductible?

Yes, your payroll contributions are deductible for the 2018 tax year.

Can I designate my gift to a specific member agency or donor choice nonprofit?

Yes, the umbrella organizations that allow you to give to their member agencies or donor  choice nonprofits include: America’s Charities, Community Health Charities of the Northeast, Earthshare Pennsylvania, Global Impact, and United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey. This can be designated on either a paper pledge card or through the online  giving system. 

Can I fill out more than one pledge card?

Yes, there is a check box in the upper right hand corner of the pledge form that should be checked if you would like to designate more than six charitable organizations. Multiple pledge forms for one employee should be stapled together and given to your Captain.

Can I give online?

All City employees whose payroll is processed by the City’s Central Payroll Department (or non-Quasi departments) can donate through payroll deduction via a fast, secure, and “green” online giving mechanism.

Can I revise or cancel my pledge?

Submit a revised pledge card to your Captain. Mark it clearly with the words REVISED CARD/CANCELLATION. It will be processed as soon as its received by America's Charities.

Can one small gift even make a difference?

Yes! Last year, over 3,200 employees made gifts that added up to over $659,000 for thousands of charities. 

How can I contribute to the Combined Campaign?

All employees are able to utilize paper pledge cards for check or payroll deduction contributions. In addition all city employees whose payroll is processed by the city’s central payroll department can donate through payroll deduction via a fast and secure online giving mechanism. View instructions for online giving at

How do I donate?

Visit , and from there you will be directed to a secure, online pledging system operated by our giving partner, America’s Charities. If you prefer, you can complete a pledge form and turn it into your department liaison.

How many charities participate in the Combined Campaign?

City employees are able to choose from 14 umbrella organizations and over 3,000 nonprofits. See the agency list in this Contributors’ Guide for a list of all participants. 

How many organizations can I contribute to?

This year a donor will be able to donate to as many charities that he or she chooses! Multiple pledge forms for one employee should be attached to one another and submitted to America’s Charities for processing.

How much does the Campaign cost?

Workplace giving is the most inexpensive method of raising money because it enables charities to reach large groups of people at the same time. The Combined Campaign reaches over 30,000 people. If each charity in the Campaign spent its own money reaching this pool of employees, umbrella organizations would spend more. Equally important, Contributors’ stretch their charitable dollar further, due to the convenience of payroll deduction, rather than making a one-time gift. Last year, 88% of all City employees who made a donation to the Campaign chose payroll deduction. 100% of your donation is forwarded to Campaign Participating Organizations. Participating Organizations pay the cost of running the Campaign. This year’s costs are approximately 15%.

If I do not use payroll deduction, how can I contribute by check?

Complete a paper pledge form to donate by personal check/money order. An employee can designate as many charities from the Contributors’ Guide. Each charity pledge amount must be included with the charity information in order for the funds to be distributed to the designated agencies. Individual charity pledges should be totaled and one check submitted with the pledge form. Please make all checks/money orders payable to the “Combined Campaign.”

What if I can’t find the organization of my choice in the Contributors’ Guide?

There are fourteen umbrella organizations that participate in the Campaign. Look for your organization under the most logical umbrella, but review several. If you still cannot locate the organization, call America’s Charities at 800-458-9505, dial “1” when prompted. 

When does the Campaign launch?

The Campaign launches in Mid-October. The Campaign is open to any eligible employee to make a donation to the charitable organization listed in one of two ways: (1) online via recurring payroll deduction in 2018; or (2) a one-time check payment via paper pledge form.

Why must I sign the pledge card?

To deduct money from a paycheck we must have a signed authorization.

Why should I give through payroll deduction when I can send a check directly to the nonprofit(s) of my choice?

Payroll deduction is a much more efficient, economical way for a nonprofits to process the gift. It could take more people to process individual checks from many different donors rather than this more aggregated method. Processing individual donations drives up administrative expenses for the nonprofit organization. Our funds management partner, America’s Charities, helps streamline this processing.

Additionally, it is easier to make larger contributions through payroll deduction than by check. You can give as little as $2 per pay period through payroll deduction, which most people will find easier on their budgets than writing a check for more than $100. You can give $260 to one of your favorite charities with just a $5 weekly deduction.

Will my donation get lost in the shuffle?

The Combined Campaign Management Organization works with city department captains to resolve pledge card errors (such as incorrect payroll numbers, the designation of ineligible charities, unclear handwriting, etc.). A staff member of the Campaign Management  Organization researches pledge card errors, individually, to ensure the accurate processing of your gift. This process takes time, but helps ensure accuracy and accountability. Remember, if you give online any errors are detected prior to submission, which ensures your donations reach your designated agency as fast as possible!