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Online Giving Directions

The Campaign’s intuitive and user-friendly giving platform is designed with Philadelphia employees and retirees in mind, and it gives donors the experience they want when giving to charity. The giving platform offers a fast, easy, and economical way to support charities. Other advantages to donating online include:
  • Your contribution is sent directly for processing
  • Errors are detected prior to submission 
  • You get a print out of your contribution
  • When the site is active, you can review your contribution any time by simply logging on 

Download Online Giving Directions

Step 1. Login and Setup Your User Profile
1. Click “Sign in” from the top right corner of the site and enter the following credentials: 
  • All City Employees Enter the Following Credentials to Login:
Username: First initials of First and Last Name+Employee ID
(Ex for a person named John Doe with an employee ID of 123456: JD123456)

(Note: Enter information as it appears on your pay stub. No space No space between initials and letters.)

Password: P+Employee ID (Ex: P123456)
(Note: Password is case sensitive. “P” should be capitalized. Enter ID as it appears on your pay stub.)
  • All Quasi Employees Enter the Following Credentials to Login:
Username: First initials of First and Last Name+Unique ID (Ex: JD234567)
(Note: Enter information as it appears on your pay stub. No space between initials and letters.)

Password: P+Unique ID (Ex: P234567)
(Note: Password is case sensitive. “P” should be capitalized. Contact your payroll office to obtain your Unique ID.)

2. Once you are logged in, your username will display in the upper right corner of the screen. 

3. Click “Make Your Pledge” to start the pledge process. 

4. First, you will be asked to “Edit your profile.” Information you enter will be provided to the nonprofits you support through this campaign so they can acknowledge your gift upon your request. 

5. Select “Continue” when you have finished updating your contact information. 

Step 2. Select a Payment Method
You may support your favorite nonprofits via Payroll Deduction.

Click “Add” to choose Payroll as your payment method.

Payroll Deduction:
If you select payroll deduction, the screen will allow you to determine the frequency and total dollar amount you would like to donate using that payment method. You can change the total amount later in this process if you want. NOTE: This is the total annual amount you want to pledge. NOT the per pay period amount. The online system will automatically calculate the per pay period amount based on the pay frequency you chose.
  1. As you enter the payment method(s) and total amount you would like to pledge, that information will display in the right hand column under the section titled, “Your pledge so far.” 
  2. Once you have selected the payment method you would like to use, click “continue” to find charities to support. 
Step 3. Choose Your Favorite Charities to Support
  1. To find charities to support, click the “Find a Charity” button. 
  2. A pop-up box will appear. Use the keyword, city, and state search features to find a specific organization, or click through the alphabetical list. 
  3. You can select as many charities to support as you would like. As you find charities you want to support click “Add” and they will appear highlighted in blue under “Selected Charities.” 
  4. Click the orange “Add selected charities to designations” button. The organization(s) you selected will now display on your list of designations. 
  5. Next, you will have the opportunity to allocate your total pledge amount between the organizations you have added to your list of designations. To specify how much money to donate to each, use the slider tool or enter the exact amount in the donation box next to the charity. 
Changed Donation Amount or Charity Designation:
6. The total donation amount you selected during the payment method step will be allocated between the charities you have selected. To adjust the total amount you would like to pledge, click the “Previous” button to return to the payment method screen. The charities you selected will all remain saved on your list until you are ready to submit your pledge. When you have finished allocating your donation between designations, click “Continue.”

Step 4. Submit Your Pledge
  1. You will have one final chance to review your gift and designations, and will also be able to select whether your gifts remain anonymous or grant permission to have your contact information shared with the charity(ies) you supported through this campaign. 
  2. Click “Finish” to submit your pledge 
Step 5. Repeat this Process to Make Additional Donations
If you would like to make additional donations or edit a donation, you may do so anytime during the campaign enrollment period.
1. Log into the pledge site and click ‘Make your pledge.”
2. You will be given two options:
  • Modify a gift from this Campaign 
    • Choose this option if you would like to edit a pledge you already submitted. By choosing to modify a gift, you will open your existing pledge for edit. You will need to complete all steps of the pledge process to return the gift to a completed status. 
  • Start a new gift and designations 
    • Select this option if you would like to make a new donation, using a different payment method that you used for your earlier designation. 
3. Once you select an option, follow steps 1-4 from this guide to complete your pledge.