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City of Philadelphia

Anti-Graffiti Network

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Thomas Conway, Deputy Managing Director
1401 JFK Blvd., Room 930
Philadelphia, PA 19102-1670
Phone: (215) 686-2114
Fax: (215) 686-9919

The Philadelphia Anti-Graffiti Network is dedicated to the eradication of graffiti vandalism through coordinated efforts of city agencies, business organizations and community groups. Information about graffiti removal and other quality of life programs can be found at the Community Life Improvement Program.
Graffiti Abatement Team (GAT)
The City of Philadelphia Graffiti Abatement Team will provide homeowners, community organizations and businesses with power-wash services to combat graffiti vandalism from their respective properties. To request this service please call 311 or (215) 686-8686 or you can report graffiti online.
Mural Arts Programs
The Mural Arts Program has established a partnership with communities throughout Philadelphia to create more than 2,800 murals and provides artistic opportunities for youth. If you are interested in having a mural created in your neighborhood or would like to volunteer your artistic talents in designing murals, please call (215) 685-0750 or visit online at the Mural Arts Program website.