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The Philadelphia Anti-Graffiti Network (PAGN) is dedicated to the eradication of graffiti vandalism through the coordinated efforts of city agencies, business organizations and community groups. Test

The Office of the City Controller is the sole auditing agency of Philadelphia City Government and the School District of Philadelphia.

The Office of the City Representative and Director of Commerce promotes and develops the foreign and domestic commerce of the City of Philadelphia. These activities and policies are implemented through the Department of Commerce, the Office of City Representative, the Office of Arts and Culture, and the International Visitors Council.

The Capital Program Office (CPO), in conjunction with the Finance Department's Office of Budget and Program Evaluation, is responsible for the financial oversight of the City's entire Capital Program (the City's financing and implementation plan for the construction and renovation of City-owned buildings, public facilities and infrastructure).

The Director of Finance acts as the chief financial, accounting, and budget officer of the City. The Director controls the Procurement and Revenue departments and the Office of the City Treasurer; is chairman of the Municipal Board of Pensions and Retirements, and is a member of the Mayor's Cabinet and the City Planning Commission.

The Office of Fleet Management (OFM) supports City departments and agencies in the delivery of municipal services by ensuring that City vehicles and other automotive-related equipment are available, dependable, and safe to operate.

The City of Philadelphia Law Department is responsible for providing legal advice to all officers, departments, boards, and commissions within the City concerning any matter arising in connection with the exercise of their official powers.

The Managing Director's Office (MDO) is the Cabinet-level office that directly supervises the thirteen operating departments.  Its function is to oversee, support and assist those departments, and to enable the operating departments to enhance service delivery to the neighborhoods.

The Minority Business Enterprise Council (MBEC) ensures that businesses owned and operated by minorities, women, and the disadvantaged and disabled are afforded equal access and opportunity to compete for and secure contracts within the City of Philadelphia.

The Municipal Energy Office (MEO) is charged with improving energy efficiency and reducing costs in City-owned facilities.

The Personnel Department works in partnership with City departments, agencies, boards, and commissions to attract and maintain a competitive and diverse workforce.

The Procurement Department is the central purchasing and materials management agency for the City of Philadelphia. Its purpose is to acquire services, supplies, equipment and construction at the lowest price that meets the City's needs while ensuring a fair and open process.

The Department of Public Property manages the physical infrastructure that supports City government operations. It is responsible for the acquisition, disposition, lease, design, construction, renovation, and maintenance of City properties and the management of the City's communication systems.

The Revenue Department collects taxes due the City and the School District of Philadelphia.

The Risk Management Division reduces the financial impact of claims, lawsuits, and employee injuries to the City; reduces the corresponding frequency and severity of these events through the application of professional risk management techniques; and provides a safe environment for employees to work and the public to enjoy.

The City Treasurer's Office manages the development and administration of the City's debt policies, coordinates financial analysis and support for the City and its related agencies, and manages the City's cash resources.

The Water Revenue Bureau accurately bills and collects water/sewer charges and fees, provides quality, courteous and efficient services to the customers of the Water Department, and ensures that the Water Department has the resources necessary to continue to provide high-quality water and cost-effective wastewater treatment to the city and the region.